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Amigopen is a jolly, but serious human who loves moonshine and ale. He does not know how to make moonshine but he has once found some in a dungeon, leaving him drunk in the world temporary.

Amigopen posing for a good shot.
Vital statistics
Title Awesome
Gender Male
Race Human (Originally Penguin)
Faction None
Health 240
Level Unknown
Status Killing Slimes
Location Terraria

Background Edit

Amigopen once lived as a penguin. While he lived as a penguin, he was an idiotic engineer. One day while listening to music while searching for some awesome on his laptop, he didn't notice a purple mist surrounding him. He also didn't notice a robotic voice from the laptop. It was supposedly a death message. Amigopen now lives as a human and survives for his whole life in the Terraria universe.

Appearance Edit

Amigopen is an orange-haired person who wears Goggles underneath his Shadow & Meteorite armor. He is usually shown with his Harpoon and Nightmare Pickaxe.

Moonshine Edit

Moonshine is an alcoholic potion that has a very long debuff called "Shining Moon", which gives illumination and higher defense. The ingredients to make the potion is very difficult, but finding the potion itself is quite easy. If dranken in the dungeon, the player is unable to escape, although there are no dungeon guardians. It insteads places a barrier at the entrance & surface. Using the magic mirror will instantly kill the player. Currently, only Amigopen knows what the true ingredients of moonshine are, but he doesn't know where to get them.

Trivia Edit

  • Amigopen is a pre-hardmode character.
  • Amigopen is the first character-user on the wiki.