Ancient World mode is activated by defeating the Trio of bosses.

You need a Ancient Charm, which is made with 40 Ectoplasm, 20 Beetle Husks, and 50 Chlorophyte Bars.


You fight one by one, trying to defeat them before day comes. 

Phazing Eyelid (A giant eye made of metal, has a large laser cannon.)

20,000 HP

75 Attack (100 for its beam.)

10 Defense

The boss moves around keeping its distance from the player, then charges a laser for a brief moment.

Its laser it gigantic and deals massive damage.

Crimson Clingers (A large chunk of flesh with clingers attached.)

18,000 HP

100 Attack (Same for Clingers.)

30 Defense

This boss moves faster and faster when its health drops, it has clingers that try to reach the player.

Vampires Heart (A huge heart.)


75 Attack (40 for Ichor and 50 for Spikes.)

15 Defense

It follows the player shooting ichor, or it can shoots spikes in the players direction.

Ancient Worlds Begin!Edit

The message "The world has been swept with famine." will appear.

Plains Changes

The trees grow very tall and the grass grows 3x the size, and you can find ancient grass altars on the surface.

Plains Monsters

Grass Leaper (Acts like Derpling.)

500 HP

65 Attack

35 Defense

Killer Bird (Flies into player.)

100 HP

40 Attack

30 Defense

Grassworm(Clings to trees.)

1000 HP

100 Attack

20 Defense


When a Ancient Grass Altar is destroyed it turns into 2 Planzuim Ore.

When Planzium Ore is mined it gives you 5-10 Planzite.

Plantlight Forge

Made with 10 Planzite and 2 Adamantite Forges.

Planzite Tools

Planzium Bar

Made with 5 Planzite, 3 Copper Ore, 3 Iron Ore, 3 Silver Ore and 3 Gold Ore

Tooltip : A bar made from the essence of time and space.

Planzite Mining Laser

500% Pickaxe Power

500% Axe Power

500% Hammer Power

Made with 10 Planzite Bars

Planzite Fork

200 Melee Damage

Fast Speed

Average Knockback

Made with 15 Planzite Bars

Planzite Cannon

300 Ranged Damage

Very Slow Speed

No Knockback

Made with 20 Planzite Bars

Planzite Longsword

400 Melee Damage

Slow Speed

Strong Knockback

Made with 30 Planzite Bars.

Planzite Armor (30 Planzite Bars Each.)

Headpiece : 35 Defense

Breastplate : 50 Defense

Leggings : 30 Defense

Set Bonus : +25% Critical Strike Chance.

The Drained BiomeEdit

The Drained Biome replaces Crimson or Corruption.

Its grass and dirt is grey, its trees being black.


Alligator (Hides until player is in water, then charges.)

500 HP

85 Attack

40 Defense

Invader (Floats down from the sky, when it hits the ground it will launch back up.)

1000 HP

100 Attack

35 Defense

Drill Head (Quite small, drills through ground to get to player.)

325 HP

88 Attack

15 Defense

Bamboo BiomeEdit

This replaces the jungle, its made with unminable bamboo blocks.

Its holds Tribirium on the bamboo stalks, which can be mined.


Bamboo Zombie 

785 HP

130 Attack

45 Defense

Tribal Warrior (Throws spears.)

500 HP

100 Attack (95 for Spear.)

10 Defense

Tribal Mage

1000 HP

50 Attack (75 for Bolt.)

25 Defense


Tribe Forge

Made with 3 Tiki Torches and 5 Tribium.

Used to craft Tribal Bars.

Tribal Bar

Made with 2 Tribium

Tribal Armor (5 Tribal Bars each.)

Helmet (50 Defense +10% Melee Speed.)

Chestplate (76 Defense +25% Critical Strike Chance.)

Leggings (30 Defense +10% Damage.)

Set Bonus : Enemies take 2x recoil damage.

Elder Stick (Very long spear.)

700 Melee Damage

No Knockback

Fast Speed

Made with 4 Tribal Bars

Bamboo Sword

1000 Melee Damage

Insane Knockback

Fast Speed

Made with 7 Tribal Bars.

Tribal Chakram

900 Melee Damage

Weak Knockback

Very Fast Speed

Made with 10 Tribal Bars.

Final BossesEdit

Paladin Sergeant (Found in Dungeon Rarely, shoots 2 hammers at once.)

60,000 HP

200 Attack (190 for Hammer.)

60 Defense

Great Slimer (Flies and shoots blobs, then splits into 10 Ancient Slimes, found in crimson or corruption.)

100,000 HP

300 Attack (200 for Blobs.)

0 Defense

Terra Blob (Hovers and swoops.)

300,000 HP

200 Attack

0 Defense

When down to 200,000 HP it transforms into a Core.

Terra Core (Fires flaming bolts and charges with great speed.)

200,000 HP

200 Attack (150 for Bolts.)

30 Defense

He finally splits into 2 Computers.

Computer (Charges at the player and shoots missles.)

50,000 HP

300 Attack (200 for Missle.)

50 Defense