it's a book that gave you all info of the monsters you faced and some funny descriptions but if you pay some coins you can get a miniature monster pet (someone are minions)


1 spell tome

2 infinitium

1 giant harpy feather


Green slime

a green and slimy ball of gel, i really don't know why

this creature was born


a really small slime of pink color and much power,

this is definitively a strange thing.

Other slimes

Are esentially the same as green but bigger and better

Dungeon slime

a grey slime that got a key in his interior...


Mother slime

a slime that plays the japanese game mother.

no, really it's a big and grey slime that being killed 

divides on three little slimes.


just a red slime

(I forgot the names of the other slimes so ill put later.)

King slime

a giant mass of blue slimes that wears a crown

(who crowned that thing!?)

demon eye

in diferent forms and colors!

purchase one now!

Eye of cthulhu

a giant eye ...

no more to say, except it's creepy


A bony beast that lives underground. Beware its sharp grip and claws.


Its after your brains.......Oh, and its angry.


This skullic mage is one of the best of the skeleton armys troops!

Eater of souls:

...the name says all.....

Giant worm:

This worm is much to say..........

Eater of worlds:

The big daddy of the corruption. VERY powerful and can split into many little worms.


Are you even reading thiis thing?!?!?!?!? anyways, the devouerer is a pig worm...Not pig BIG!!!!!...uggg....



Blood crawler:

I HATE SPIDERS!!!!1111!!1

Face monster:

In You FACE!!!!

Brain of cuthulu:

Smart. Reaaaly smart.


The king of skulls.

ill continue later but if you want can continue adding descriptions.