Biomera's Head

Biomera is a hard mode boss, it id summoned by the Biome Globe which is a 8.2% Drop from plantera.

Biomera 2

Biomera's Head Second Form


45,000 HP

65 Attack

20 Defense

Stage 2Edit

22,500 HP

90 Attack

5 Defense


Mushera, Junglera, Stonera (Immortal if  Biomera is alive)

4000 HP

50 Attack

0 Defense


In the first stage it will act like plantera, but staying high above ground.

Shoots poison Spray (35 Damage)

In the second stage the boss will rush as fast as possible to get to the player.

All attacks below turns dirt to ash.

Fire Bolts (38 Damage)

Poison Sticker (90) Damage)

Meteor Shower (56 Damage)


Biome Sword 

55 Melee

Insanley fast speed

Biomera Sword

Biome Sword

No knockback

Uses Clentaminator ammo as beams


145 Attack

Snail Speed

Insane knockback

Uses Clentaminator ammo like the sword.

Shroominte Armor

(Any Peice)

Shoomy Spore

Summons Shroomy Pet 
Shroom Pet

The Shroom Pet