This is a list of all fanon buffs and debuffs.

Please include the page where the buff is from, effects, lasting times and causes of the buffs/debuffs.



God's WrathEdit

  • Inflicted by the Thunder Blade
  • Affected mob/player is struck by a bolt of lightning every second
  • Bolts do 30dmg
  • Lasts 4 seconds


  • Inflicted by the Cutlass of Terror and RET
  • Lasts 7 seconds and 6 seconds respectively
  • -40% attack speed
  • -40% move speed
  • -20% damage done with melee weapons
  • 20% chance for ranged attacks/magic attacks to miss
  • Affected mobs will flee
  • Above effects also apply to mobs
  • Post-Skeletron bosses are immune (WoF onwards)
  • Inflicted by the Inventor's tail slam in the Mecha Biome
  • Lasts 5 seconds
  • Player is unable to move or attack
  • Inflicted with the Uranium Blade
  • Lasts 3 minutes
  • Any mob which touches a mob which has this debuff will get the debuff as well
  • Does not affect undead mobs and bosses
  • The inflicted lose hp slowly when this debuff is on
  • The Nurse cannot cure this debuff
  • The debuff will NEVER kill



  • Inflicted by touching the Ceranium Mechanic
  • Lasts 60 seconds
  • Player speed is multiplied by 2 but loses 2hp/s



  • Inflicted by the Pixelator Beret
  • Affects all players in your party within 10 blocks
  • Upon killing a mob, affected players regain 5hp
  • Affected players regain 20hp if the mob is an Undead or Corrupted Mob. Includes Skeletron and EoW

Fire Elemental

  • Inflicted by the Scorched Skull
  • Lasts 4 minutes
  • Player is immune to lava and is unable to catch any form of fire
  • When touched by any mob/player with PVP on, the offending entity is set ablaze, unless they are immune to fire or are a Fire Elemental themselves
  • Player regains 1hp/s while fully submerged in lava



  • Inflicted by several enemies from World's End Mode, Dark Muramassa and Red Moon
  • 10 seconds
  • Combination of the Weak, Tipsy, and Confused debuffs
Staring Contest
  • Inflicted by the Staring Eye
  • Forever, until Eye is hit
  • Player is unable to move




  • Inflicted by touching a player wearing the Thunder Armour Set
  • Lasts 3 seconds
  • Enemies take 10 damage with knockback every second
  • Inflicted by Hell Keeper at a quarter of his health
  • Lasts 10 seconds
  • Neither you nor enemies can move
  • Enemies will not spawn
  • After buff is over, if there is more Hallow than Corruption in the world
    • Boss moves at twice speed and health returns to 70,000
    • Judgement cannot occur with that boss again
  • If there is more Corruption than Hallow in the world
    • Boss moves at half speed


  • Provides the player with 15% higher jump hight and move speed
  • Health regenerates twice as fast
I'm Feeling Lucky!
  • Item drop rate increases by 10%
Boom! Headshot
  • Ranged weapons weapons have a 10% higher chance to deal critical damage
  • Deals 5% more magic damage
Fus Ro Dah!
  • Melee weapons have 20% higher knockback




  • You keep saying duh that it covers you up..
  • Inflicted by Duh Master


  • You're randomly flying in all directions!
  • Inflicted by Clowns in Expert/Endlessmode

Loud Venom

  • Flyquency's is somehow loud that it does alot of pain (-16 damage every 0.5 second) (2 seconds)
  • Inflicted by Flyquency

Wrath of the Arctic Ocean

  • You've been chilled! (A more OP Stoned, Featherfall potions can't save you) (infinite until you hit the ground)
  • Inflicted by Cryohydro's Melee and Tornado Attack

Purple Cursed Flames

  • A cursed flame is consuming you! (Cursed Flames but more stronger) (5 seconds)
  • Inflicted by ranged enemies in the event "Sludgement Day" and the boss, Corrupt Widow

Red Ichor

  • The Ichor is consuming, consuming, consuming... (Ichor but more stronger; armor divided into 4) (5 seconds)
  • Inflicted by ranged enemies in the event "Night of the Living Crimson" and the boss, Croakichor