a realm of death itself.....its not big enugh to fit in your world so insted thats the entrance

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opening the doorEdit

its quite difficult...first farm a while in the hallowed get a holy orb (1% drop from all mobs)

next farm in normal area for balance orb (1% drop)

next farm in crimson/corruption and get a death orb/blood orb.

then with all that 10 adimantite bars 15 mythril and 20 cobalt and 10 of every soul (except flight) craft a suspicios looking head. use it at daytime. 

you will see a message:the lord of this world has accepted your challange. prepare!

you will get 3 terraria days to prepare

after that you get the message: cuthulu has awoken!


for apperance know what he looks like.

first he pulls you to the ocean where the battle will take place.

then he summons A HUGGGEEEE swarm of minion of cuthulu (the little eyeballs that eye of cuthulu shoots) the minion swarm is accompanied by 3-10 elites of cuthulu

you can not damage cuthulu directly only driain his energy by killing his minions

elites of cuthulu look like giant terraria creepers (the ones the brain spawns) they have 7000 hp and 50 dmg as well as a lasor atack that does 30 dmg

after 3 waves of minions cuthulu becomes vulnerable.....and his hands and head detach for a skeletron-like battle

he spits water at you for 70 dmg.

he also shoots fireballs at you for 100 dmg

and shooting lasors out of his eye for 50 dmg

and evry once in a while he tries to smash you for 9999 dmg

also when it turns nightime he gets 9999 defence and all atacks do 9999 damage.


he drops 99 of evrey soul in the game (except flight)

a portal to the hallowed dungeun area

a portal to home

cuthulu lasor cannon (80 dmg at insane speed 50% chance to consume no ammo)

mega mana star (turns all your mana stars green. green mana stars give 25 mana)

mega tomb (combine 2 golden showers/cursed flames with 2 crystal storm to get flame crystal)(shoots a green flame with 4 crystals surrounding it. the flame does 50 dmg and shoots very fast with 15 mana consuption)

mini cuthulu staff (summons a small cuthulu head that does 50 dmg can move thrugh walls and shoots blue flames)

5 platnium

part 1Edit

after useing the portal to the hallowed dungeun a blue portal appears 10 blocks in front of you (if that space is occupied then the portal will not be used. witch could lead to confusion if someone decides to make this a mod) if you right click on the portal a box will pop up as if you are talking to an npc. the box will say:

do you wish to enter the dungeun???

yes       close

if you chose yes the screen will turn purple with black swirls for 5 seconds

after that the player(s) will be teleported to the hallowed dungeun.....

the dungeun is made up of a bright blue brick called ,hallwed dungen brick, with 9999% pickaxe power required to mine it.


blessed aracnoidEdit

7500 hp 65 dmg (malea) 50 dmg (ranged) 100 (special) AI: nutral. will walk around the room until atacked. When atacked will charge at the player and sting him/her. The sting is a normal atack. After stinging 3 times will back up and fire 5 energy bolts. After the bolts, will temporaroly go large and charge all over the area destroying blocks that have 9998% pickaxe power or less. After chargeing will repeat the procces over again. it kinda like a blue scorpion with a green circle on the shell as well as a massive drops:

10-25 silver

1 gold (15%)

only one of the following will drop:

arachnoid scales (32%)(material)

aracnoid silk (32%)(material)

aracnoid tail (32%)(material)

aracnoid food (3%)(summons a baby aracnoid)(will fight for you, shooting stingers for 30 dmg and atacking for 50 dmg)


a exceptonaly strange foe...or ally..who knows. Is imortall. Inflicts ,undead, on you. After that he shoots green bolts that increace your speed blue bolts that give you 50 hp black bolt that half your speed and purple bolts that do 75 dmg. After that he gives you drops. He looks like a worm with a slime head with angel wings and purple drops the following:

1 copper-80 silver

bleshcar bolt(25% chance to heal enemy for 50 hp and give them regen buff, 25% chance to give enemies swiftness 25% chance to do 125 dmg and give them poison 25% chance to give enemies slowness)(25% drop)

water soulEdit

The weakest of the 3 souls. Wraith AI. Can shoot bluee bolts that move thrugh blocks and do 75 dmg. Has 1750 hp and does 200 dmg on touch. Looks like a blue wraith with glowey green eyes. it drops:

25-50 silver

15-20 water orbs (material)

drops only one of the following:

water blade shard (31% drop)(material) 

aqua gun peice (31% drop)(material)

broken infernal destroyer(31% drop)(material)

the water crystal (6% drop) (material) (an accesory that makes you immune to the on fire! and a 25% chance to block the cursed flames and the burn....debuffs.)


the blessed aracnoid king:Edit