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the eventEdit

it starts the bloodmoon you killed all the bosses have all the npcs and ads a whole new aspect to the game.

phase 1Edit

the guides hair and eyes turn black and he throwes books at you. he automaticly gets the name destructo. he throws books at you for 25 dmg (armor only has 10% effect here!) an can move into walls without stoping. he also rams at you if your in the room. this phase ends when you do 15,000 damage (he has 10 defence)

phase 2Edit

the merchants eyes turn a deep red and he shoots a TON of money out of a coin gun at you. he shoots platnum and gold coins so bewarreeee! he stops to reload after he shoots 10 plat coins (he shoots 1 evrey 4 gold he shoots) the reloading lasts 15 seconds.he also automaticly gets the name pain.he has 20,000 hp and 20 defence

phase 3Edit

the tinkydink goblins (goblin tinkerers) eyes turn blue and he spits mushrooms at you for 20 pow. he also throws hammas at you for 150 dmg.he gets the name hate. he has 25K hp and 25 defence

phase 4Edit

the nurse throwes needles at you that give the bleeding debuff and do 100 dmg. (pointy!) she also slams you with her med kit doing 300 dmg. (hey that things heavy! what did you expect? 2 dmg?) she gets the name 'hurtbringer'.she can not kill you but when you have less then 100 health she summons hihgly reactive chemicals (HRC) to finish you.she has 20,000 hp and has 0 defence

phase 5 (final phase)Edit

the dryad turns into a hideuos corrutped monster that shoots dark tentical all over the place. she looks like a big purple blob with 8 red eyes and is covered with tenticals.the purple tenticals do 250 dmg and she shoots a TON of slime vats that do 400 damage if they hit you and summons 10 corrupt slimes if they dont.she has the name 'death' 25K hp and 40 defence

other stuffEdit

the HRC the nurse spawns do 50 dmg and inflict major poison that does 10 dmg/2 secs for 30 seconds. they have 125 hp and die instintly if they hit you.

also during the event minions of chaos spawn. 50% chance to curse  50 dmg 500 hp and 20 defence.