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2000 years ago...


This story is very short, but this story WAS a real story. Chris Odinsen and I were playing, and something VERY similar was happening, because Coldwin is me!!!! Enjoy the short story! I will Write more stories when I have time... DX Let's go!

Chapter 1Edit

Coldwin stared at the meteorite in his hands he had just found. Meteor heads were showering him, and he had to take cover. Coldwin ducked down. He had been mining for 4 days now. He needed meteorites to give to his friend.

Coldwin rushed over to pick up another meteorite, but more meteor heads showered over him. "Blast!" He yelled, as he ran away.

Moments later, He came upon a cave. Coldwin looked and saw an old man. The old man simply smiled. "Hello? Do you want me to be free?" "Free?" Coldwin said. "Oh, you want to? Here" The man enlarged to a monster. Literally, a monster.

Chapter 2Edit

Coldwin ran for his life. He turned to the left, the skeleton would follow him. Laughing Mocked Coldwin as he ran.

Coldwin went inside his housem took a deep breath, and grabbed his sword. Just then, the wooden walls came down and Coldwin was shocked that the Skeleton broke the walls.

"I need help!" Coldwin shouted. He was the only one, and was about to be deafated. He gathered his courage and threw the sword at the monster. It didn't hirt him at all.

Coldwin took the chance to run even further, bolting out the door at intense speed. But the skeleton was still on his back.....

Chapter 3Edit

Coldwin needed help, but from whom? No one was around to help him.

Coldwin felt like all the energy drained out of him.

Slowly, and Slowly, and Slowly.....

He panted for a while, and realized that the monster had fled, but where was he?

Coldwin took the time to saunter, and tripped over something. A Star!

Coldwin knew that 10 Stars made a Mana Crystal, maybe if he found a Wizard he would help him! Coldwin Regained his breath and continued on....

Chapter 4Edit

Coldwin traveled through the snow, desert, and grasslands. He knew he was coming close to the end. All of a sudden, he saw a Wizard going through a purple landscape. Colwin knew what this was....Corruption......

He shuddered. "Ooh, no wonder why..." he stopped. There lay a giant hole. He was wallking when he tripped and fell, screaming.

He saw faint red. Circles around him. "Woah, where am I?" He paused and looked around.

He saw him, coming. The Wall....

"Oh, snap." He ran for his life, tripping over blocks. He felll, when a person in a meteor suit jumped from no where and defeated the Wall Flesh.

"Hello, Coldwin," He said. "Woah, Shadow! You came!" "Yep, I didn't need metoers anymore, I need stars for my cannon now, anyways, where's the meteor?"

Coldwin rumaged through his pants pocket. "Oops, I think I dropped it!"