"Awkward a gigantic water drop is under a tundra river." - Champ

Cryohydro is a gigantic block of ice shaped like a water drop. He appears on blizzards while near a nice, big tundra river. You can manually summon him with the "Blizzard Block". He does high damage to wrongly prepared people.


Phase 1

His first attack is to basically jump up and down. At the end of all jumps, he creates an icy shockwave which freezes you. His next attack is to fire a ice laser beam which does no damage but freezes you for ten seconds, giving him time to attack. His third attack is to create a gigantic tornado which where ice drops fall. Hitting the tornado inflicts Wrath of the Arctic Ocean. Bumping him also inflicts the effect.

Phase 2Edit

When he gets angered he gains two new attacks and attacks much faster. His fourth attack is to spin like a propeller then drop onto you while also creating two icy projectiles which slow you for one minute. His last attack is to grab two ice blocks, then throw them.


Key Mold - Always dropped. Use to craft other keys to unlock the Armor of the Twelve including the weapon.

Soul of The Frost - Always dropped. Used to craft the Twelve Frozen Key.

Bam Slam - 25% chance to be dropped. A gigantic fist which punches so fast. Stuns enemies. Melee.

Chill Piller - 25% chance to be dropped. Shoots pills which has a 10% chance to make enemies peaceful for a couple of seconds. Ranged.

Frosty Shield - 50% chance to be dropped. It protects you from Frozen, NOT Chilled! Defensive.