This is a page that you can add your custom armors.


Name Defense (Overall) Set Bonus Way to Obtain
Hitru Armor 17 -10 mana usage Drop from Dark Casters (3%)
Ancient Molten Armor Gives 24 Defence Set Bonus: + 12% of magic and ranged damage and + 17 melee damage Crafted with Ancient Cobalt, Demonite ,Necro Armor and 60 Hellstone Bars
Aqua Armor  22 Gives + 10 Damage to Dungeon weapons Found in Dungeon Chests
Obsidian Armor 28 Gives the player the Obsidian Skull and Obsidian Skin effect Use 11 Obsidian for the whole armor set

Hitru Armor


Name Defense (Overall) Set Bonus Way to Obtain
angels battle helmet 29 hallowed helm mask, and hood. combine all hallowed helms
C.H.A.O.S (chaotic hallow-anti omnivores suit) 9999 999% more damage, and can destroy blocks 999% faster. rare drop from Redarkness
Adamantium Armor Gives 75 Defence Set Bonus: + 25% of damage Crafted with all 3 old Hardmode Armors and Hallowed armor (with helmet)
Boom suit 50 2x damage, and can press Z to explode, causing 50 dmg to you but 125 dmg to surrounding entitys. combine 800 dynamite with hallowed armor (any set)

Lunar AgeEdit

Gravitate 102 Can make you fly and makes you immune to all the debuffs.
Splat Suit 75 It makes you immune to the On Fire! and Tounge debuff Rare drop from Slimes, Zombies and Water Golem.