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Pre-Hardmode Ores and barsEdit

  • Mandilium: 5% better than Hellstone
  • Cobblestone: Same as copper
  • Old Cobalt: Same as Demonite
  • Old Mythril: Same as Crimtane
  • Old Adamantite: Same as Hellstone but with no burns or lava
  • Old Hallowed: Same as Cobalt
  • Old Chlorophyte: Same as Mythril
  • Infinitium: 5% better than Chlorophyte in the floating isles.

Hardmode Ores and barsEdit

  • Cursed Demonite: Same as Palladium and has a chance to give 5 of any type of soul
  • Ichor Crimtane: Same as Orichalum and has a chance to give a good item
  • Metestone: Same as Titanium but when smashed for the 1st time makes a Corruption or Crimson Biome (depending on what your world spawned with)
  • Adamantium: 15% Better than Chlorophyte and is crafted with 3 Cobalt, Palladium, Mythril, Orichalum, Adamantite and Titanium Bars
  • Super Bar: Crafted with 1 of every bar and 90% better than Chlorophyte
  • Flightite bar: Crafted with 15 soul of flight and 1 chlorophyte.
  • Dragon Bar: (PC Crafting) 1 Hallowed, Cobalt, Mythril and Adamantite Bar 20 Souls of Flight, Wyvern Banner and 5 Souls of Night (Console Crafting) 20 Souls of Blight and 2 Hallowed Bars. The Bar is 10% Better than a Super Bar