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I raised my glowstick. It's sickly green light pushing back the darkness in the endless hallways of my prison. I had run out of torches long ago, and was using what light sources I had sparingly. Spying an empty room I ran in, shut the door, and rushed into the corner, accidentally spearing my toe on a spike. I set my pack down with shaking fingers and rubbed my sore toe. I tried to drink another healing tonic but I was so nauseous it came back up. I wiped the red liquid off my chin, hoping it wasn't blood. I heard a loud creaking above me. A glanced up, my shivering so bad my limbs were moving on my own. A grabbed my pack and dashed out of the room, glowstick in front of me. I looked behind me and saw the flutter of white robes. I ran harder. I used my wings to climb through the damp air up to a ledge sticking out of a wall. I pulled out the tonic and was finally able to down it without spitting it up. I turned around only to see death behind me. Before I could even scream the unearthly beast raised it's hands sending waves of scorching fire into my already burned body. I crawled forward, flames exploding around me. The unholy fire crawled up my clothes and hair but I didn't feal them. At last my will broke and I lay down, smoke obscuring my vision. Through the haze I saw two feet, clad in gleaming golden armor. Hope rekindled in me. Was it like in Cody's stories? was a hero going to save the helpless maiden? I glanced up, then all the life that was drained from my face. It was not a knight in shining armor here to save me, but a demon to rid me of my life. My uncontrollable shivering caused my sobs to stab at my chest as death's hammer flew.

I awoke in the same dark hallway. But for some strange reason, I could see. A hot, tingling sensation sensation had started at my chest and was spreading. I glanced down at my body, but was only slightly horrified. Through my ripped and burnt garments I could see my flesh, or lack thereof. The skin and muscle of my body had melted away reveling long, pale bones underneath. I vaguely remember how I got how I got here and how I received the burns, but those memories, along with the memories of my past life, were slipping away. I groaned. What was life? If something like it was real, why should anyone get to have it if I couldn't? The fog in my mind started to leave, replaced by something else. Anger, for one. Insurmountable anger at... nothing really. Maybe at the the despicable creatures I was once one of, who would let this happen to me. And power. strength and energy that no mortal would understand. The power seamed to manifest in the form of... fire. The last thing know I felt before the anger and power consumed me was my hurt toe.