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To activate Deathland Mode, you will have to defeat the Sindicate Boss.



Craft a Corrupted Cross using Worm Food(EoW), Suspicious Looking Eye(EoC), 50 Bones(Skeletron), Mechanical Worm(Destroyer), Eye(Twins), Skull(Skeletron Prime) and 50 Souls of Flight(Wyvern). The Corrupted Cross will summon the Sindicate. They can be summoned at anytime of the day and in any biome.

Sindicate has 212570 hp in total, not including Phase 1's Arms

Sindicate-Phase 1Edit


A Giant Probe Head called Madness and 4 arms, Torture, Strife, Murder and Chaos(attacks and Arm appearances below)


Madness has 62570 HP

Torture has 9000 HP

Strife has 12000HP

Murder has 10000HP

Chaos has 9000HP

Players must kill Madness to defeat the 1st Phase.

All parts have 50 defense


Madness does not attempt to attack you in any way, but still doing 65dmg on contact. When Madness's health falls below 30000, or when his arms are all blown off, he will begin firing lasers at you rapidly. Lasers do 50dmg. Drops nothing on death.


Torture attacks by using a Cursed Flamethrower. It is similar to the Normal Flamethrower, except that it can inflict the Cursed Inferno Debuff and flames are green. It does 50 dmg on contact and 40 with the Flamethrower. Drops a Cursed Flamethrower on death.


Strife is a large spiked ball. Madness will swing Strife around, trying to hit you. Strife inflicts severe knockback which can be reduced by the Cross Necklace and does 100dmg on contact, sometimes causing the Bleeding Debuff(20%). Drops a Ball of Strife on death.


Murder is basically a Megashark and a Minishark welded together, forming a double-barrelled machinegun. He will initially use the Minishark to shoot Musket Balls at the you. When his HP falls below 4000, he will start using his Megashark to fire Meteor Shots which bounce once. The Minishark does 30dmg per shot, the Megashark does 40dmg and 50dmg on contact. The Meteor Shots will bounce once. Drops a Minishark(25%) or a Megashark(75%) on death.


Chaos is a shiny red crystal held in place by 2 claws. Chaos does 50dmg on contact. When Chaos is still alive, he will continually spawn Wyverns. Only 1 Wyvern can be on the screen at a time. If the Wyvern is killed, another one will spawn 15 seconds after. Wyverns have normal drops. Drops a Sky Crystal on death.

On Madness's death, all remaining arms will disappear and the message "Phase 1 has been defeated. Prepare for Phase 2" will appear in bloodred letters at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Sindicate-Phase 2Edit

Phase 2 activates 1 minute after Phase 1's death, giving you time to heal and prepare.


2 Large Probes with their Red Laser Lens broken off. In the first Probe, Pain, there is a smaller version of the Destroyer, acting like a tongue. In the second Probe, Suffering, there is a smaller version of the Eater of Worlds, also acting like a tongue.


Both Pain and Suffering have 60 defense with 37500HP.

Both Pain and Suffering have to be killed in order to advance to the 3rd Phase.


Pain will fly around you, breathing purple flames with his Destroyer tongue. The purple flames have 80% chance to inflict the Immortal Inferno debuff on you. Pain will never try to attack in melee and will hover 8 blocks away. He can move quite fast, same speed as Hermes Boots at full blast. The flames cannot go through blocks while Pain himself can. The flames do 60dmg and Pain does 55dmg on contact. Drops an Immortal Flamethrower on death.

Immortal InfernoEdit

The Immortal Inferno debuff is a variation of the On Fire! and Cursed Inferno debuffs. The player will appear to be set ablaze with purple flames and health will decrease. The special stat of the Immortal Inferno is that it will last forever. It can only be removed by going to the Nurse, dying or staying submerged in water for a full 5 seconds.


Suffering will fly around you like Pain, but doing something different. He will use his tongue to try to hit you by extending it quickly and then quickly retracting it like a piledriver. He will leech your health if he hits you, regaining health equal to the amount of damage done to you. If there are blocks between Suffering and you, he will use his tongue to grab the block and then swallow it. He will keep doing this until there are no more blocks between you and him, after which he will start using his Piledriver attack again. He does 50dmg on contact and the Piledriver attack does 60dmg. On death, he will drop a Leech Vortex, all the blocks he swallowed during the battle and a Devil's Crown.

On both Pain's and Suffering's death, the message "Phase 2 has been defeated. Prepare for Phase 3" will appear in bloodred letters at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Sindicate-Phase 3Edit

After Phase 2 is over, you are given 1 minute to heal and prepare for Phase 3.

Phase 3 has 50% chance of either being Hate or Fear. Both have 30000HP and 65defense.


Hate is a King Slime-sized grey slime with 5 spinning skulls inside it.


Fear is a large invisible flying Skull. It will drip blood beneath it as it spins and flies around.


Hate will jump around like King Slime, trying to squash you. If you are in a place where it can't get to, it will shoot out one of the skulls inside it at you. The skulls can go through blocks. When the skulls damage a player, they will immediately return back inside the Slime. When it takes damage, it will not decrease in size, but will instead spawn Armored Skeletons. The skulls inflict 70dmg and the Slime does 130dmg. Drops 100 Gel and a Devil's Carapace on death.


Fear will fly at you at a fast speed, damaging you. Do not forget that it is invisible. The blood is purely aesthetic and does not affect the fight. When Fear takes damage, it will reveal itself for a split second and then become invisible again. When its health falls below 10000hp, it will become fully visible, growing 6 purple tentacles in the process and leaking blood from its eye sockets. The tentacles will do 80dmg and the skull itself does 90dmg. The blood will now do 4 damage if it touches the player. Drops a Devil's Ribcage and a Cutlass of Terror on death.

On Hate's/Fear's death, the message "Phase 3 has been defeated. Prepare for the final battle" will appear in bloodred letters at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Sindicate-Final PhaseEdit

After Phase 3 is over, you are given 1 minute to heal and prepare for Phase 4.


Phase 4 consists of the Destroyer and the Eater of Worlds cut in half and welded together at the tails, named Vengence.


Vengence has 45000HP and 70defense.

Vengence----EoW partEdit

The Eater of Worlds part of Vengnce will do 80dmg with its head and 50dmg with the body. When damaged, it will release World Feeders from its segments. It will not split when damaged. World Feeders have 50% chance to drop hearts.

Venegnce----Destroyer partEdit

The Destroyer part of Vengence does 70dmg with its head and 90dmg with the body. When damaged, it will release Probes from its segments. It will not fire lasers. Probes have 60% chance to drop hearts.

Vengence OverallEdit

The 2 worms have seperate AI. They are able to go seperate directions but when they reach their limit, both worms will turn back towards the centre point where they are joined together and try to reach you.

Vengence drops the Devil's Footguards on death and the message "The Sindicate have been defeated! Let the Deathless reign!", thus beginning Deathland Mode.