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The Dream Stealer is a End-game boss that is Post-Moon lord.



To craft the  Suspicious Dream, you need:

20 of each shard (As it's post-moon lord)

4 Titanium/Amandtite bars

30 Iron bars

At a Demon/Crimson alter.


To auto summon the Dream Stealer you need to have:

To defeat the Moon Lord

All NPCs

A hallow biome (As the boss is hallow-based)

And if you have that all you will see this message:

Your dreams suddenly start turning into nightmares...


Stage 1Edit

HP:50000 (100000 in expert mode)

Defense: 100 (150 in expert mode)

Damage: 100 (Dream whip) 95 (Contact) 150 (Dream Sword)(Expert mode only)

Once summoned, The Dream Stealer will make it night (if it is day) and throw 3 dream whip attacks. The dream whip  is targeted at the the player as a  1 wide, 6 tall hallow looking whip. If the player gets close, a dream sword starts from the top and goes counter-clockwise. After the boss has 25000 (50500 in expert), stage 2 will start.

Stage 2Edit

Health: (as mentioned above) 25000 (50500 in expert mode)

Defense: 75 (100 in expert)

Damage: 150 (Dream whip) (175 in expert) 200 (Nightmare whip)

100 (Dream Sword) 150 (Nightmare cape)

When stage 2 starts, the Dream Stealer does the nightmare whip 5 times, still aimed at the player and same size. And in addition if the Dream Sword fails, a nightmare cape is pulled (Entity data after stage 3) (A nightmare whip then nightmare cape in expert) The boss also has more speed (as fast as a Hermes boots player at full speed). At 10000 HP (25000 in expert), the boss goes into the 3rd stage.

Stage 3Edit

HP: 10000 (25000 in expert)

Defense: Same as stage 2 (125 in expert mode)

Damage: Same as 2 but half of it is doubled in expert and much faster, 100 (Wake up attack)

Debuffs: Potion/mana sickness, Woken up (Can't craft until next in-game day)

After stage 2 is over, stage 3 starts. The Dream Stealer does the nightmare attacks (and if you're hit, you get woken up). If you get hit by any other attack, you'll get a random sickness.

Nightmare capeEdit

HP: 500

Defense: 50

Attack: 40 (Contact)

Just little annoying minions that were summoned.


Dream StealerEdit

(*: Not in treasure bag)

1000 hearts * (:D)

500 stars *

999 hallow bricks *

Dream armor

Dream Sword (11%)

Dream whip (22%)

Dream scales 


  • Every few seconds, a dream whip summons
  • The weapons Dream Whip and Dream Sword do 2X the damage as the bosses damage +50.