Elsa's fear is the TRUE final boss of the frost moon event. Its is a large red snowman head with purple crystal growing out of it, it also has 2 large arms, and a icethrower.

The frost golemEdit

The icethrowerEdit

A powerful weapon, this acts like SK primes chainsaw with a far range. It shoots 10 progectiles EACH SECOND each dealing 55 damage, and if you run into it it deals 30 damage. 50 defence and 30,000 HP.

Snowball cannonEdit

Shoots slow-fire snowballs with INSANE splash damadge. The snowballs are 3x3 blocks and the explodius is 10x10. They deal 200 damage on impact and the splash damage does 100 damage. (if you get hit by the ball, the SD will also affect you, so watch out!) 30 def and 50K HP. Fires once per 10 seconds (wow 100x slower than flamethrower)

Icy headEdit

This head can ONLY be damage once the arms are gone. 100K hp and 100 defence. It can spit huge snowballs (5x5) that have a big blast radius (15x15) and deals lots of damage. (snowball: 500 raidius: 250) also, it can use its eyes as flamethrowers, shooting 65 damadge projectiles 12 times per second.

The icy queenEdit

Once you kill the head, a huge version of elsa's head with glowey red eyes, and 2 arms.


They are both the same. 100K hp and shoot crystals at you. 1 per 2 seconds. They deal 100 damage if they hit your head, but they deal 150 damage and the "Elsa's curse" debuff if they hit your chest and at least 75 damage is not nullified. 10 def.


250K hp, and shoots the same crystals as the arms, but deal 250 damage to your head and 400 to your chestplate. Elsa's curse and 400 damage to your chest if 100 DMG is not blocked.


Elsa's curseEdit

You have to get at max HP in less that 20 SECONDS if it hits you, 15 secs if hit by the head. If you dont, you instantly DIE.


To be continued.


The Name, the Attacks and the Ice Golem are all from the 2013 Disney Movie: Frozen.