Expansive mode is a option on the create a world screen, it adds extra features if you want a slightly different experience.


Bear (Overworld)

75 HP

35 Attack (If provoked.)

5 Defense


Bearskin (1-15)

Beartooth (5-8)

Animal Bones (14-25)

Bear Items (Made at a Workbench)Edit

Beast Armor

Beast Helmet (2 Def) Made with 10 Bearskin and 20 Animal Bones.

Beast Chestpiece (3 Def) Made with 20 Bearskin and 10 Bearteeth

Beast Pants (1 Def) Made with 8 Bearskin and 5 Bearteeth

Set Bonus : +12% Damage

Beast WeaponsEdit


13 Melee Damage

Weak Knockback

Fast Speed

Made with 5 Wood and 15 Bearteeth

Beast Spear

12 Melee Damage

Average Knockback

Slow Speed

Made with 4 Wood and 17 Animal Bones.

Beast Trident

15 Melee Damage

Weak Knockback

Fast Speed

Made with 28 Animal Bones and 17 Bearteeth.

The Rest of the MonsterEdit

Corrupt Bear

100 HP

25 Attack

10 Defense


Leather (1-2)

Rotten Flesh (2-5)

Golem (Copper, Iron, Gold, and Demonite)

Copper Golem (Dirt Layer)

35 HP

6 Attack

4 Defense

Drops Copper Ore (8-16)

Iron Golem (Stone Layer)

50 HP

12 Attack

8 Defense

Drops Iron Ore (5-10)

Gold Golem (Lava Layer)

90 HP

25 Attack

16 Defense

Drops Gold Ore (3-6)

Demonite (Underworld, or very rarely in the Underground Corruption.)

135 HP

35 Attack

24 Defense

Drops Demonite Ore (2-5)

Comet Head (Space)

160 HP

40 Attack

20 Defense

Shield Skeleton (Underground)

70 HP

13 Attack

20 Defense

Bloon Zombie (Can double jump, found in the rain)

48 HP

16 Attack

6 Defense

Lost Hero (Undergound)

120 HP

32 Attack

15 Defense


Hero's Metal (5-25)

Hero's Blade (5%)

Hero's Lance (5%)

Hero Items (At Anvil)

Hero Steel Armor

Helmet (5 Def) Made with 10 Hero's Metal

Chestplate (7 Def) Made with 15 Hero's Metal

Leggings (3 Def) Made with 5 Hero's Metal

Set Bonus : +5 Critical Strike Chance +6% Melee Damage

Hero's Blade 

22 Melee Damage

Strong Knockback

Normal Speed

Made with 20 Hero's Metal

Hero's Lance

28 Melee Damage

Average Knockback

Fast Speed 

Made with 25 Hero's Metal

Monsters Continued

Skeleton Blowpipe (Uncommonly underground.)

55 HP

15 Damage (10 For blowpipe)

7 Defense


Bone (1-3)

Blowpipe (10%)

Seeds (15-55 with blowpipe)

Snapping Turtle (Lava Layer)

100 HP

10 Attack (20 while spinning.)

20 Defense

Sleeping Demon (Wakes if attacked, uncommon in the underworld.)

200 HP

25 Damage (30 for sickle)

30 Defense


Demon Rune

Unholy Arrows (8-15)

Demon Horn (1-3)

Demon Rune

Restores 50 Life.

(15 Second Cooldown)

Demon Items (Made at a furnace)

Diablo Staff

22 Magic Damage

No Knockback

Fast Speed

Tooltip : Homes in on enemies with a firey bolt.

Made with 10 Demon Horns

Blood Bottle

14 Ranged Damage

Weak Knockback

Fast Speed

Tooltip : If it hits an enemy its fills with blood.

(When it hits a enemy a bottle of blood appears.)

Made with 1 Bottle and 1 Demon Horn

Bottle of Blood

5 Minutes : Restores 5 Health for each monster killed.


25 Ranged Damage

Strong Knockback

Very fast speed.

Tooltip : Fires explosive arrows.

Made with Molten Fury and 5 Demon Horn.

Lava Rod

13 Magic Damage

Strong Knockback

Snail Speed

Uses 35 Mana

(Fires globs of lava that break opon impact into more globs, breaks 3 times.

Made with Aqua Scepter and 10 Demon Horns


21 Melee Damage

Normal Knockback

Slow Speed

Made with Muramasa and 10 Demon Horns

Celestial Sun Cannon

15 Ranged Damage

Normal Knockback

Normal Speed

Uses 10 Mana

(Fires a max of 10 orbiting fireballs, they launch at enemies after a while.

Made with Handgun and 10 Demon Horns

Hardmode Monsters Edit

Ice Pufferfish (Snow Biome)

300 HP

57 Attack (21 For Spikes.)

37 Defense

Fires short range spikes in 8 directions.


Ice Stinger (1-8)

Ice Stinger (At Mythril Anvil)

Blade of Frost

76 Melee Damage

Strong Knockback

Slow Speed

Freezes and its really big.

Made with Blade of Grass and 20 Ice Stingers

Storm Chakram

50 Melee Damage

No Knockback

Fast Speed

Fires chackrams that bounce and home in on enemies.

Made with Thorn Chackram 30 Ice Stingers

Jacks Whip

Grappling hook that fires 8 Long Ranged Hooks.

Made with 2 Ivy Whips and 40 Ice Stingers

Omniscient Items Edit

Omniscient True Blade

250 Melee Damage

Insane Knockback

Normal Speed

Shoots 3 sword beams and fires homing skulls.

Made with 1 True Excalibur, 1 True Nights Edge, 1 Horsemans Blade and 100 Souls of Fright.

Omniscient Repeater

175 Ranged Damage

Weak Knockback

Fast Speed

Made with 1 Megashark, 2 Ice Bows, 3 Chlorophyte Shotbows and 100 Souls of Sight.

Omniscient Whale Shark

100 Ranged Damage

No Knockback

Insanely Fast Speed

Made with 2 Megasharks, Chain Gun, and 100 Souls of Might

More Items Edit

Zinc (Ore, can be found like copper, but only at the stone layer.

Zinc Bar

Made with 5 Zinc at a furnace.

Zinc Accessories (Made at a anvil.)

Zinc Boots

+10% Movement Speed

-10% Fall Damage

Made with 10 Zinc Bars and 1 Hermes Boots.

Zinc Band

+9% Damage Increase

+10% Mining Speed

Made with 10 Zinc Bars and 1 Band of Regeneration

Nimbus in a Bottle

+65% Jump Height

-20% Fall Damage

Made with 1 Cloud in a Bottle and 10 Zinc Bars

Zinc Charm

+20% Jump Height

+30% Damage

+50% Movement Speed

You can do a triple jump.

You go 2x as fast after getting hit.

You can hover for a few seconds.

Made with Cloud in a Bottle, Sandstorm in a Bottle, Rocket Boots, Hermes Boots, Magic Carpet, 3 Shackles, and 50 Zinc Bars.