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It was a dark and stormy night in Terraria.... and Robert, the hero of terraria's son, was in their home made out of wood, you see, the hero loved a women long ago, but it was not meant to be, as the gods had told him through the statues of fate. But he endured with everlasting love, and even if it was against the gods will, they endured. But that was 5 years ago, and this is now.

Chapter 1: The Night of Life ComesEdit

Robert was scared and frightened in their torch-lit room, because he had been waiting for a hour, or atleast, he thought thats what it said (In Terraria clocks never display numbers, only pictures.) for his father or mother to come back, saying they had to "Get some wood and gel." So Robert looked outside their window, hoping for just a glimpse of his mother or father. But to no avail, their was nothing there. Then suddenly he saw something green! "I hope thats my dads green glowsticks or cape or my moms green dress." He thought suddenly, but then the green was gone!

Chapter 2: The Things ScreamingEdit

Being scared by the green phenomenom, he hoped more desperatlely then before! But then just as he was about to cry, there was a "Knock knock knock." on there door. "Dad? Is that you dad?" he said, but there was no response. Who could possibly be knocking at this hour? He opened the door with ferocity, hoping his mom and dad had come home, with fresh potions and food. And when he opened it, he was in for quite a shock. There was no one there! But as he looked downward there was something there, a mimics face, or atleast, a mimics mask. He picked it up out of curiosity, but then there was a noise outside, whatever it was it said something! He listened closer, and he heard it more clearly, "Where.... where is it?!?" The thing said outside, yet it was hard to hear what he was saying entirely, even though it was yelling and screaming the same sentence over and over again, Robert could only hear one sentence, just one, "Where.... where is it?!?"

Chapter 3: Demands From the DamnedEdit

Robert was getting even more scared then before, First his mom and dad didnt come back, then he saw a green light, but now there was some unknown monster outside his house! But while he was pondering what was happening, the voice got closer! Now the yelling and screaming was unbearable, and it felt like it was coming from outside the door! Robert reached toward the door, saying "Stop yelling! Please!" and with all his power, he opened the door. With a "Whoosh" it opened with unbearable knockback, but no-one was there, and there was no more yelling. He asked "Are you still there?" with a trembling voice. Then the thing responded, "Give me my mask or ELSE." "What mask? I dont understand!" Robert backed away from the accursed door that was speaking to him, sounding like the thing he heard from before. But then the door seemed to come closer! The whole house was laughing at him, all sprouting a mimics face, laughing at his pity, yet gaining on him too.

Chapter 4: Cry the night awayEdit

He was running away from the fearful walls, hoping to somehow get away, suddenly he saw something, the door to the basement! He could surely get away from it all in there. He ran like he never would have before, and he got into the basement, blocked the door with a dirt block, and cowered in fear in the corner. He cried for a awfully long time saying, "I dont have your mask!" And after he stoped crying, his eyes ajuster to the water candles, and saw a item. "What is that?" He said as he crawled to it, He picked it up, then he knew exactly what it was! It was one of dads old swords, the iron sword that he said he killed his the eye of cathulu with! Robert picked it up, cleaned off the dust, and got up."No more crying." Robert said with the fear in his eyes gone.

Chapter 5: Fight the FaceEdit

Robert went up the stairs, and slowly put his hand on the handle, and slowly opened the door. But when he opened the door, it was completely different! All the faces were gone and only a single- it was gone!? Suddenly Robert looked around, but it was caught short by 2 single words, "Got you." Suddenly he was being attacked by the behind he struggled, flailing at him with his sword, every one hitting it, yet nothing effected it in the slightest. But while fighting the hideous beast he started to see it, slowly bit by bit, he could see its face. But he did not like what he saw, it was a hideous, green pale face, oozing with grey substinance that looked like it had dried up and been there forever, but the thing that he could see that was the clearest was the monsters eyes, they were light green, and those eyes somehow felt like they had seen things people were not meant to see.

Chapter 6: ReunitedEdit

As he stared into the monsters eyes, the monster seemed to weak, but then the monster threw him at the wall and it didnt seem so weak anymore.But as he landed against the wall, he felt something beneath him! It was the mimics mask he saw from before, but the monster was nearing him, his sword was gone, and he nothing to defend himself with! Out of one last desperate ray of hope, he threw the mask at him! The mask suddenly attached itself to the monster, but the monster was fighting it off, trying to get one last blow at robert, but before robert knew it, the monster dissapeared, leaving one platinum were the cruel monster ounce stood. He never did saw what happened to his mother and father that night, even when they were in there beds, the next morning, like they never ventured somewhere last night. To this day his iron sword and patninum, collecting the dust of memories, stood in a chest, a half golden, half-hellish color violet-blue.