The Lunar Age is a gamemode that is unlocked after Worlds End Mode.


The bosses in this mode are a lot different than the bosses in Worlds End Mode. You know Skeletron, Eater Of Worlds and Eye Of Cthulhu? They are changed into Temple Leader bosses. Consisting of Skales (Skeletron) Pawns Of Cthulhu (Eye Of Cthulhu) and Wyvern Of Uranus (Eater Of Worlds). With the addition of King Hornet (Queen Bee) and Moon Plantera (Plantera). Apparently, A new boss is added called The Suffocater (Who was Brain Of Cthulhu). A new boss called Grand Architect is added. Theres also the addition of Queen Slime, Avitator, M.A.R.K, Slash (A CPU with the Shroomites set), Swipe (Another CPU with the Demonite set), Slap (The Hardest CPU to fight with the Gravitate set) The Multiplayer (40 CPUs with OP armour and weapons) Soul Of (Playername) (A CPU of the player with the same armour, weapons, inventory and followers (If you have them) ), Sky Padalin, SynthAura