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Mecha Biome Edit

Spawning Edit

This biome spawns once Skeletron Prime has been defeated with the message "The Portal has been opened! The Mecha will be released." It will always spawn in the Corruption.

Appearance Edit

The Mecha Biome is mostly Greyish, representing dead plantlife. The background is mainly grey and shows a Industrial Area with Factories and stuff. The Mecha can spread over Corruption but not Hallow. It can only spread through grass and not stone. However, it can spread over bricks, turning them into Mecha Bricks. Upon spawning, there will be 1-4 Mecha Structures(More on that below) that appear, depending on the size of your Corruption.

Mecha Structures Edit

Mecha Structures are buildings similar to Underworld Houses, except they are made out of Mecha Bricks. During generation, Mecha Structures will replace all blocks inside their spawning area, so remove your structures in Corruption to save your materials.

Types of Mecha Structures Edit

  1. Mecha House: Has 1 level, usually a Chair and Table inside, sometimes a Statue. Common.
  2. Mecha Outpost: Has 2 levels, a Workbench, Furnace, Anvil and a chest inside. Chest contains 1 Handgun/Minishark/Musket, Bowls of Soup and Demon Torches, occasionally Cursed ones and 10-20 Ceranium Bars. Very Common
  3. Battle Tower: has 3-4 levels, 1-2 chests, a anvil and a Statue. Chests have Minisharks, Handguns and Musket Balls, as well as 15-30 Ceranium Bars. Common
  4. Library: has 1-3 levels, filled with Bookcases and a chest. Chest contains books, torches, Spell tomes and occasionally Demon Scythe/Water Bolt/Cursed Flames/Crystal Storm. Rather rare.
  5. Fortress: 2-4 levels in the shape of a Castle, has a Workbench, Anvil, Hellforge, Dart Traps and a Locked Gold Chest. Inside will be one of these: Breaker Blade/Laser Rifle/Excalibur with 30-50 Ceranium Bars. The spawn rate of Mecha Soldiers will also be very high when you are inside the Fortress. Spawns rarely.

New MobsEdit

All damage taken with 0 armor.

  1. Clockwork Robot: 300hp, 30def, 65dmg, drops 0-2 bolts. Walks towards players like Zombies and does not spawn on Blood Moons.
  2. Mecha Scout: 260hp, 25def, 40dmg, drops 1-2 screws. Walks and bounces quickly towards players like Angry Bones.
  3. Mecha Soldier: 400hp, 38def, 40dmg(melee) 70dmg(Ranged), drops 0-1 Laser Shard and 1-2 bolts and Ceranium Helmet(1/200) Shoots lasers like Gastropods while walking towards players.
  4. Mecha Heavy: 500hp, 50def, 65dmg(melee) 80dmg(Ranged), drops 0-2 Laser Shard, 2-5 bolts and Ceranium Vest(1/200) Shoots lasers like Gastropods while walking towards players. Lower spawn rate than Soldiers.
  5. Mecha Slayer: 450hp, 40dmg, 80dmg(Melee) 120dmg(Ranged), drops 2-4 screws, 2-4 Mecha Missiles, Industrializor(1/50), Chainblade(1/300). Charges at players while shooting Mecha Missiles. Does not destroy blocks and spawns only on Blood Moons.

New Mini Boss ---- Command UnitEdit

Background: This robot was placed in control of the Mecha Army after the Inventor invaded Terraria when he returned from exile. He was the First Robot created by the Inventor and was his most trusted and dangerous creation. He was used to destroy the Terrarian Empire.

Summoning Edit

Summoned with a Robotic Doll at any time of day in the Mecha.

Details Edit


50def(1st phase) 65def(2nd phase)

2nd Phase activated at 3000hp

Head: 120dmg Hand: 70dmg(1st Phase) Head: 140dmg (2nd Phase)

Fight Details Edit

In Phase 1, the Command Unit has 2 Hands and a Head like Skeletron. He will attempt to hit you with his hands while shooting out Lasers from his head. In this phase, he will NEVER attempt to hit you with his head, you only take damage from the head if you are crazy enough to jump into it. Lasers cannot pass through blocks but will turn any brick they touch into Mecha Brick. They do 50dmg. The boss is counted as one whole entity and any damage dealt to the hands will contribute to the 6000hp. The hands cannot be destroyed. During this phase, the spawn rate of Mecha Mobs will be doubled, and Mecha Slayers can spawn regardless of the time of day.

In Phase 2, the hands explode and in their place 2 Death Falcons appear. The Falcons have 1000hp each and will fly around the player, dropping grenades around him/her. The Falcons will each drop a Greater Healing Potion when killed. Damage dealt to them will not contribute to the Command Unit's health. The Falcons can move through blocks but the grenades cannot, and they will not damage the player when touched. The remaining head of the CU will continue shooting Lasers at the players but at a faster rate. Also, it will occasionally use its Spinning Head attack like Skeletron, and during this attack, Lasers will shoot out of his head in random directions.

Drops Edit

When killed, the Command Unit will drop the Ceranium Greaves, 15-25 Ceranium Bars,10-20 Greater Healing Potions, 20-30 Souls of Innovation and of course, a whole bunch of hearts.

New Boss ---- The Inventor Edit


Summoned at night with a Plasma Cube(20 demonite bars, 20 Hellstone bars and 20 Laser Shards) in any biome. The biome which he is summoned will affect his stats. His stats will not change during the fight


He attacks in the Fyrefront robot. His stats will differ between the Mecha, Underworld and any other biome.


Has 30000hp



Has 25000hp



Has 30000hp


Attack PatternsEdit


In this biome The Inventor will use his 2 arms to crush you in mainly melee attacks(55dmg). He will also occasionally slam the ground with his tail without warning, inflicting the Stunned debuff(cannot move or attack for 5 seconds) and doing 100dmg if he hits you. Mounted on his head is a Laser Minigun which will continually spew out Lasers at the player without stopping. A single Laser shot will do only 3-5 damage regardless of defense. He is also completely immune to any melee damage.


In this biome The Inventor will not engage in melee attacks, but will shoot Mecha Rockets from his arms. He sometimes opens up the end of his tail and release the equivalent of 8 buckets on lava 10 blocks above the player. His head will spray out fire like the flamethrower, doing 60dmg and setting players on fire.


In these biomes The Inventor will grow chainsaws on both his hands and will swing them randomly. One touch will deal 90dmg. His tail will shoot out 5 Mecha Heavies and a Mecha Slayer every 30 seconds. His head will occasionally drop down on the player extremely fast, crushing him/her and then springing back up again. This attack will do a whopping 150dmg so it is extremely dangerous. This also has a 20% chance of inflicting the Confused debuff.


When killed, The Inventor will drop different things depending on the biome he is summoned in.


Ceranium Laser Minirifle, 20 Greater Healing Potions and a Platinium Coin


Uranium Blade, a full stack of Greater Mana Potions and a Platinium Coin


Ceranium Bandolier, a full stack of Regeneration Potions and a Platinium Coin

New Armor SetsEdit

Ceranium ArmorEdit

Helmet: Drops from Mecha Soldiers(1/200) 30def, gives off a dim red light

Vest: Drops from Mecha Heavies(1/200) 35def, -10% from Laser attacks

Greaves: Drops from Command Unit(100%) 34def, +10% movement and attack speed

Set Bonus: +20% damage

Steam ArmorEdit

Helmet: 50 bolts, 30 screws and 5 Souls of Innovation, 29def, +8% dmg to Flying Monsters(Demon, Giant Bat etc)

Chestplate: 80 bolts, 50 screws and 5 Souls of Innovation, 40def, +8% dmg to Burrowing Monsters(includes Bosses)

Greaves: 65 bolts, 40 screws and 5 Souls of Innovation, 37def, +8% dmg to Undead Monsters(Zombie, Possessed Armor, Wraith etc)

Set Bonus: +20% dmg to all Bosses


Ceranium Bandolier: All bullets are treated as Ceranium Bullets. Drops off The Inventor when he is killed in the Other-type biome.

Mechanical Doll: Guide Voodoo Doll, 20 screws and a Laser Shard at a Demon Altar. Used to summon Command Unit or kill Mechanic and Goblin Tinkerer when equipped.

Laser Core: 40 Laser Shards and 10 bolts at a Mythril Anvil. Causes explosions of Lasers when player is damaged.

Misc itemsEdit

Plasma Cube: 20 Demonite Bars, 20 Laser Shards and 20 Hellstone Bars at Mythril Anvil. Summons The Inventor

Engineering Wrench: Wire Cutter, Wrench and 5 Wire at Tinkerer's Workshop. Allows both placing and removal of wires.

Mecha Missile: Fired by the Industrializor. Does 120dmg and does not destroy blocks. Dropped by Mecha Slayers and can be crafted with 1 bomb, 3 grenades and 2 Meteorite Bars at a workbench, yielding 2 Mecha Missiles.

Ceranium Bullet: Fired by any gun. Does 15dmg with a powerful knockback. Crafted with a Ceranium Bar and 25 Silver Bullets at an anvil, yielding 25 Ceranium Bullets.

Ceranium Bar: Found in certain Mecha Buildings. Used in Crafting of several Mecha items.



  1. Chainblade: Dropped by Mecha Slayers(1/350) 60dmg, slow speed, V.weak knockback, has ability to triple hit enemies if timed right.
  2. Phaserapier: 30 Meteorite Bars, 10 Topaz/Amethyst/Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Diamond, 1 soul of Innovation. 61dmg, fast speed, weak knockback, has AutoFire and gives off light but about the size of a Gold Sword.
  3. Uranium Blade: Drops from The Inventor when killed in the Underworld. 70dmg, Average speed, strong knockback, inflicts Radioactive Debuff and gives off green light.


  1. Industrializer: Dropped by Mecha Slayers (1/50). 10dmg(total dmg=Mecha Missile+Industrializer), Very Strong Knockback, slow speed, Shoots Mecha Missiles which light up the area around them when fired.
  2. Ceranium Sniper Rifle: Crafted with a Musket, 10 Souls of Innovation, 40 Copper Bars and 10 Ceranium Bars. Fires only Ceranium Bullets. 85dmg, Strong Knockback, Super slow speed.
  3. Stryker: Bought from the Creator for 1 platinium. Fires 3 shot bursts similar to the Clockwork Assault Rifle. 40dmg, Average Knockback, Very Fast Speed.


  1. Ceranium Laser Minirifle: Dropped by Inventor when killed in the Mecha. 10dmg, Average Knockback, Insanely Fast Speed, uses 1 mana, shoots lasers which emit a bright red light.
  2. Soul Ripper: Crafted by a Flamelash, 20 Souls of Sight, 5 Souls of Innovation and a Cursed Flames Spell at a Bookcase. 25mana, 40dmg, Average Speed, shoots a controllable projectile like the Flamelash, but will not disappear on contact with enemies.

New DebuffsEdit

  1. Stunned: Inflicted by the Inventor's tail slam in the Mecha Biome. Player is unable to move or attack for 5 seconds.
  2. Radioactive: Inflicted with the Uranium Blade. Lasts 3 minutes. Any mob which touches a mob which has this debuff will get the debuff as well. Does not affect undead mobs and bosses. Loses hp slowly when this debuff is on. The Nurse cannot cure this debuff.

New NPC----The CreatorEdit

Arrives after the Inventor is defeated.

Items SoldEdit

  1. Ceranium Bullet-15 silver
  2. Ceranium Bar- 50 silver
  3. Mecha Missile-2 gold
  4. Stryker-1 platinium


After the Inventor's death, all Mecha mobs will have reduced speed and damage. The Command Unit will also have its health reduced by a random amount between 1000-2000. The Portal to the Other Realm also spawns.

More Info here: The Mecha: The Other Realm/The Story Behind The Mecha