"You got a Probe at 6, Tony!" yelled Tony's brother, Vladimir.  Tony quickly spun and brung down his Beam Sword onto the metal sphere. The two brothers went ham in the mines, finding everything they could for facing the Destroyer. It was half-way through the night, and they were making good time. The Destroyer only 100 power lights left, and the two brothers were hacking like hungry wolves in sync, there swords clashing and clanking against the hard metal. There minions took care of the Probes, Tony's Twins's and Vladimir's Imp's were working together to keep the Probes off there backs. Suddenly, one dim light was left, and Tony saw his chance. "Vladimir alaways gets the last blow. Now it's my time to shine" He ran and jumped with the force of a Spartan, the incarnations of Retinazer and Spazmitism at his back. He plunged his sword through the last light. The Destroyer began to spark, and explode into bits of metal. The Probes also fell silently. Tony stood up, his adreniline pumping. He and Vladimir had done it.

The other bosses that Tony and Vladimir hadn't deafeated yet, look through an orb. "Aw, shucks! I knew he wasn't up to it" clanked Skeletron Prime. "Those blasted twins are unstoppable! "Not for long" said a odd voice.