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Skyrite SpawningEdit

Every night after Moon Lord has been defeated, there is a 11% chance that Skyrite will spawn on the surface. This is reduced by 2% for every active Skyrite Biome on the map. After spawning, the message "Skyrite has fallen from the heavens!" will appear. In addition, after Skyrite has impacted, all Meteorite Biomes will start spawning Comet Heads in addition to the normal Meteor Heads.

Skyrite will form in flattened sections at most 4 blocks deep in the center with a total of 30 Skyrite ore. After Skyrite has hit, remaining Meteorite biomes will summon Comet Head.

Rarely, 25% chance per strike, a Flare Chest will spawn inside the center, unlocked with a flare key(dropped by enemy).



Spawned in large numbers while within the Skyrite Biome. Nearly identical to Meteor Head

400 Life


90 Damage
20 Defense
Flying AI, can fly through blocks and produce bright light

Drops : (Skyrite), 1-3, 5% (Flare Key, 4%)


Spawned very rarely or when the player makes contact with Skyrite.


1600 Life
280 Damage
32 Defense
Flying AI
Shoots Flareling occasionally.
Summons into Flarehead upon death.
Drops : Starflare, 1%


Spawned by Flarespawn, flies and homes in on either closest player or Flarehead. After the Flarelign makes contact with a Flarehead, it will vanish and transform into another Flarespawn, it is therefore advised to kill them to prevent exponential swarming.

10 Life
190 Damage
10 Defense


Comet HeadEdit

As mentioned, will spawn in Meteorite biomes after any Skyrite has spawned, in addition to Meteor Heads, though it is much faster.

200 Life
150 Damage

Comet Head

10 Defense
Flying AI


Skyrite OreEdit

Stack: 999

Skyrite Ore

"Melts the flesh of mortals..."
Contact damage : 100 "Infernal" Damage, summons Flarespawn away from contact point
Inflicts "On Fire!" Debuff when in 30 blocks of range and begins rapidly summoning Flareheads

Skyrite BarsEdit

Stack: 999

Skyrite Bar

Made at Hardmode forge with 3 Skyrite.




Shoots a small rocket when swung homes to the closest enemy, and through blocks if necessary.
235 / 185(Rocket) Damage
Fast Speed
Normal Knockback
Made at Hardmode anvil with 9 Skyrite Bars, 35 Crystal Shards, and Phasesaber.


"Shoots bursts of energy that ricochets deadly flares."
Shoots small bolts that bounce off walls and become faster flares.
100 / 270(Flare) Magic Damage
Weak Knockback
9 Mana
Very Fast Speed


Dropped by Flarespawn.


Shoots piercing beams that ricochet the opposite direction from where they were fired.
130 Magic Damage
No Knockback
11 Mana


Fast Speed
Made at Hardmode anvil with 8 Skyrite Bars, 12 Crystal Shards, and Illegal Gun Parts


"Shoots mana stars"
Ammo - Mana Stars


325 Ranged Damage
Average Knockback
Very Fast Speed
80% Chance not to consume ammo (Fixed)
Made at Hardmode anvil with 11 Skyrite Bars, Star Cannon, and Illegal Gun Parts


"Can pass through walls but can only hook to Star Blocks"
Hook with 40 tile range and can pass through blocks, only hooks to Star Blocks.
Made at Harmode anvil with 6 Skyrite Bars, 1 Fallen Star, and Chain.

Stargrasper + Star Block

Star BlockEdit

Stack: 999
"Holds a fragment of a star's energy"
Made at Hardmode anvil with 4 Skyrite Bars, any Celestial Fragment, and 4 Fallen Stars.

Flare Chest LootEdit

Spawns rarely in Skyrite crater, contains two items.


Flare Chest


Primary Loot -Edit

Starnade - 3-9, 33.3%
"Explodes in a star formation"
Explodes in a 5 point star area 10 blocks wide, does not destroy blocks.
400 Damage

Skyrite Bar, 5-12, 33.3%

Moonstone - 30-90, 33.3%
"Stays airborne when thrown."
Remains stationary like spiky ball but remains suspended.
190 Damage


Starnade, Moonstone, Starsplosives


Secondary Loot -Edit

Platinum Coin - 1-2, 20%

Random Celestial Fragment - 2-5, 20%

Fallen Star - 10-45, 10%

Mana Star - 1-5, 10%

Starsplosives - 1-6, 40%
"Explodes in a diamond and avoids destroying structures and ore"
Explodes in a diamond measuring 12 tiles long that only destroys dirt, stone, mud, silt, slush, and sand.
500 Damage