Slime Invasion modEdit

The slime invasion is an invasion of slimes. Duh.

Summoning the invasionEdit

'You summon it by a) Kill more than 300 slimes then you have a 25% for the invasion to come. b) 'Once you kill 10 pink slimes, everyday you get a 50% chance to get the invasion or just king slime c) Kill King slime, he drops Pinkys revenge (looks like a green slime except it's green, has a crown and a gold sword sticking out of it) which summons the army.

The slime invasion itselfEdit

The invasion consist of 5000 slimes. You need to kill 2500 slimes to defeat it. It's all the slimes but the hardmode slimes. Some of the slimes (blue, purple, mother, dunguen and green specifically) are transformed. Their health is 500% upgraded plus 25% per pinky killed. Their names will be Blu for blue upgraded slime (X=letter.U.S), Purp for P.U.S., Blacky for M.U.S., Dunslim for D.U.S and Grene for G.U.S.. They drop blue gel, purple gel and so on (Dungeon gel for Dunslim). There is a boss called King Slimu! His health is 1000% more of the original plus 100% more per pinky killed. He summons ice/jungle spike slimes. He also slams on you for 99 health! He throws crowns that deal 10 damage but is shot like a machine gun and doesn't give you invincibility if your damaged! He has 15 defence and all his attacks ( except the summoning one) give you a debuff called "for pinky!"(all the slimes in this invasion can give you this!). The debuff makes your defence,attack and speed 25% less and drains 3 health per second. This debuff will last 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The king drops pinkys staff(15 mana) , sword, armor and bow, 25% to get one of those items, 1 platinum and a butload of stars and hearts. They all are as strong as hellstone and gives the enemies the debuff called felling like gelly which is like "for pinky!" Except it's 50% more better.

Crafting crafty craftsEdit

Blue gel - As strong as Necro (overpowered?) except you need 100% more gel than demonite (ex. 1 blue gel bar = 6 1 necro bar = 3 same goes for armor and weapons) and all the items give the debuff felling like gelly (pronounced jelly).

Purple gel - like blue gel but only as strong as meteor.

Dungeon gel - like purple gel except as strong as platinum

Black gel - like dungeon gel but only as strong as tungsten

Green gel - like black gel only as strong as lead.


The next day after the invasion a NPC will arrive called Orcenary (that is his only name). He sell gel (25 copper), torches, flaming arrows (both 1 silver), staff of the slimes (50 silver and gold) uses 5 mana and shoots out blue sime that home onto enemies dealing 50 damage (overpowered?) (also inflicts felling like gelly) (only in hardmode) (it says "this is the slimes knees") 15% critical and also a flamethrower for 2.5 platinum (only in harmode).


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