Sludgement Day is a event in worlds with Corruption. It has a 10% chance to happen, but beating Eater of Worlds in the night triggers the event after that night.


  • Corruption spreads pretty fast
  • Clentaminator will always spread the Corruption
  • All NPCs killed by an enemy in Sludgement Day becomes the Sludge Stalker
  • All Mimics become Corrupt Mimics
  • Every Corrupted enemy (except Pigrons) which lives underground comes to the surface
  • All enemies can break open doors


  • Corrupt Mimics: See Terraria Wiki for more
  • Lost: A gigantic corrupted bunny. Sometimes ride by Chewers.
  • Chewers: Enemies which when it goes super fast, it inflicts cursed flames. Arabian Chewers have a deadly sword attack.
  • Toxikarp: Not to be confused with the item. Found in the waters. They spit out dangerous Purple Cursed Flames.
  • Haze: Found in Corrupted Deserts. They create three Arabian Chewers and Desert Spirits everytime they see you. Will act like a stronger Desert Spirit after summoning their three Arabian Chewers and Desert Spirits.
  • Winged World Eater: Not actually a World Eater. It's just a corrupted wyvern which spits out Purple Cursed Flames. Found in the sky, rarely.
  • Icicorrupt: Round Ice Elementals which shoot projectiles which inflict Purple Cursed Flames and Frozen.


Yes, you'll have to fight...


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  • This is a reference to Zombie Chasers Book 3, Sludgement Day.
    • This is also a reference and mix of words, Judgement Day and Sludge.
  • If you were to look in the sky, you could see it's a gigantic purple thingie with an eye, eight "trees" and fangs. This is where the boss fight comes from.