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Terraria Boss R Us is a Terraria Survival Game. The NPCS are:


Guide: Defeat 1 boss.

The Scientist: Random

Arms Dealer: Defeat 2 bosses.

Nurse: Find a life Crystal dropped by bosses and use it.

Dryad: Random when defeating a boss.

Demolitionist : Defeat Skeletron Prime.

Merchant: When you have 100 silver coins or 5 gold coins.

Painter: Find a paintbrush dropped by bosses and hold it until he comes.

The BossesEdit

Eater of ClassinessEdit

He has a top hat (classy,eh?), A bag with a gun, and a Beehive.

HP:500 (Heads)

   290 (Bodies)

  180 (Tail)

Dmg: Tail and bodies: 39

        Beehive: 10+ 9 second poison damage

        Head: 50

         Gun: 5 per shot

Drops: 9 healing potions 100%

          Top Hat 32%

          Top Gun 32%

          Eater Wand 32%

          Ectoplasm (19) 10%

          EOC Trophy 5%

Eater of Classiness

Eater of Classiness.