This mode activates after defeating The curse

this will expand your world much bigger to place the biomes


free adding. There gonna be some new biomes

The glory

with light yellow grass and towers of platinum brick that got a guardian npc

The terror

very dark blue grass with caves that reach the underworld

Hallow temple

not much to say

Floating temple

just for elite

Dragon's lair

is located near the underworld and got much new things.


This is a biome that grass is metal and there are no trees,the trees are copper and there is a new ore called Jeraminium In this world,Jeraminium Is used to craft The Operators Finger that spawns the Operator,it also has Robotic Zombies,Slimes and Disinigrators.


free adding or creating individual pages for this.


Gold wolf 

a giant rideable wolf that appears in the glory

friendly nimbus

on glory loating isles appears, give you some random items and gone



appears in the terror, can go trought walls and shoot you terror beams

can drop azure wings and azure staffs


appears in the glory and atacks you quickly


a worm made of green slime ith a toxic mud as head


a mini boss that appears in the floating temple

bat wyvern

appears if you reach high on the corruption


a upgrade of harpy that appears on the sky of hallow or glory.


A light blue tiger that appears in the hallow and the terror


A black spider with a blue skull that appears in terror.


Like the crimera but black, ,just one eye, a tail and bigger .


Appears in the floating temple

Undead slime

Appears in the floating temple.

Robotic Zombie

2X bigger than a regular zombie,also shoots Rockets.

Robotic Slime

The Same as a slime though drops Metal Launcher but it is a rare drop


A floating Flamethrower that has grey outlines,similiar to Cursed Hammer


free editing/adding

skeletron gold

seems like skeletron but is bigger, gold , 4 arms and got jewels on the head.

Angry Eye

Looks like an eye of cthulu,but starts with mouth,teeth have a darker look and belches out EoW Segments/Creepers depending on crimson or corrupt world.Health is 30,000 Defense is 57 and Attack is 100 When Rammed.Phase 2 His whole body rips off showing a floating head that looks similiar to the clothiers head.It chases you around and shoots Fireballs that take 85 Damage and can shoot up to 2 firebals Per second,phase 2 starts at half health.


It's a mechanic ball that can change his form and attacks

the color changes depending the biome

life 99.000

attack 95

defense 67

Golden golem

it's like golem but gold with jewels and got a extra phase

life 75.000

atk 250 (at this part of game you must got a good armor like the enigmite one)

def 50

phase 2 (after destroying his head and body)

it's a giant ruby with 2 golden arms.

life 25.000

atk 300

def 65

drop antimatter and the armor customizer (search the page ill do it later)

Giga-fire dragon

A really big dragon that shoots out fireballs , beams, and invoke





Drop dragonite

The Operator

A flying robot skull head that has sharp piercing arms Head is 55,000 Hp and arms are 10,000 HP.Only rams into people and can only be spawned in Robotinimiun

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