The Coilcage is a boss that can only be spawned in Corruption areas. It has 12,000 health and 20 defense. It has a 

coiled ribcage with a heart inside and a stomach. This creature has limbs haging off of it.

Two have eyes, one has a jaw, 2 have hands, and 2 have feet. This creature

can spawn naturally if a player has an npc living in a house in the corruption and the Eater of Worlds must have been defeated. The player must also have 300+ health, 200 mana, and over 12 defense. Every night this creature has a 25% chance of spawning in the corruption.(1/4) This creature can also be spawned with a Coiled Spine which is crafted at either a crimson or demon alter. It is crafted by 4 hallowed bars and 5 Vile powder. 

Phase 1: The Average PhaseEdit

 In phase 1, this creature has the appearance described above. In this form, the boss can headbutt you with it's eyes, bite you with it's mouth, slap you with it's tail, punch you with it's hand, and kick you with it's foot. In this phase it does 22-42 damage.

Phase 2: The Dartbeat phaseEdit

 This phase is the 2nd hardest phase of the fight. In this phase, it can summon in Dripplers, Demon eyes, and rarely Medusa. It can put up a shield every 5 seconds and it keeps its shielf up for 7. It's heart can shoot out darts in all directions which can really put the player in danger. It also has the same moves as phase 1, but they do more damage. In it's 2nd form it can do 32-62 damage. This phase starts when it is at 6000 hp.

Phase 3: The coiled shield phaseEdit

 In this phase it has the same moves, but it can now summon Skeleton Archers and Eater of Souls. This phase starts when the creature has 2000 hp. Now, the darts from the hearts shoot more frequently and they can poison you. The creature is faster and can fly faster too. It no longer uses it's tail. All parts of his body are invincible in this form except for the heart. The coiled ribcage covers the heart. Once it opens, slash the heart before it closes. Then the cage tries to bite you and then it closes back up. In this phase it can do 48-80 damage.

Phase 4

 This phase is the easiest phase. It starts right when the creature is at 0 health. The eyes turn to 2 eyes of cthulhus and the other body parts come to life. The heart is at the top of the screen and has a shield. It still shoots darts, but they have no poison. Instead, they burn you. The monster can no longer summon enemies. Once all body parts are killed, the heart's shield is broken and you can come in for the final blow. Once you kill the heart, the boss is dead. In this phase, the boss does 10-32 damage. Pretty simple.


Coiled up trophy: 33.3% chance

2 lens: 100% chance

12-18 Coiled Bars(used for armor): 100%

5 lesser healing potions: 100%

Suspicious looking eye: 86% chance

8 recall potions: 99% chance

8 heart darts: 25% chance

Killer coil(Does 67 damage and poisons): 100% chance


  • It is recommeded to have 25 defense or higher, although it can spawn when you have 18
  • In phase 4, the boss is very sensitive to Mana using attacks
  • Make sure a campfire is nearby and that you have a regeneration band to help you regenerate
  • Since this boss spawns 2 eyes of cthulhu(and has a 1.1% chance of spawning the twins), it is recommeded to bring materials specifically for them.