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Chapter 1: The FutureEdit

Vakider, a young boy who was supposed to be the apprentice to the great and mighty Wizard, was unhappy. He was looking out of his room through the window and staring at the corruption. The Wizard did not treat him well, always forcing him to do things that didn't benefit him. In all his free time, he had, however, studied the numerous books on magic in the library but he had grown angry.

None of the books had any good spells or enchantments. Although his favourite spell was the one which spewed flaming green fireballs, he was not satisfied. How could this be it? He wondered. He was certain that there was more outside this room, but was afraid to disobey his master. He knew the full extent of the Wizard's powers, but Vakider paused. How did the Wizard come to know more than he? He had studied every single book in detail, yet his powers did not stand up to his masters'. He knew that the Wizard was keeping something away from him, and sat back and thought.

The emporer of the city, a Knight who had built up the city, had rumouredly saved his master from the Underground. What was he doing there? Vakider, annoyed, went up to one of the books on the past of the land of Terraria and pulled it down from the shelf. Nobody else other than he and the Wizard could read these symbols, but having been taught by the Wizard himself (one of his only lessons), he had learned how.

He flipped through the pages, looking for the section for the underground. When he found it, he read the entire section aloud, and then paused. "...Magical being had been hidden under the wrath of the Protector of the Underworld.........Corruption......." Why couldn't he read parts of this book? He shook his head. Maybe it was because the pages had changed with age, being a magical book. He looked at the last word he could read: "corruption". He walked up to his window again and stared out at the corruption. Could this have the answer to all his questions? But the corruption has been long brought under the power of the Emporer of the City and probably didn't hold anything interesting. But if he could somehow reverse time...

Excited, he burst forth from his room and ran into the Wizard's personal quaters - only to remember that it had been sealed with a protective spell. Cursing, he went back into his own room and sat back. How could he find out what was ever behind the story of the corruption and his master? Then he sat up again. Could he make his very own spell? He had read about the Knight managing to enchant a tome, and wondered if he could do the same with time.

Walking over to a bookcase, he removed an empty tome. Placing it on the floor, he began to mummur the magical enchanting spell-words that he had learnt from the books. A bright flash came from the tome, and suddenly the room exploded. The walls started caving in. Vakider, suddenly alarmed, stopped reciting what he had learnt and tried in vain to stabalise his room. However, the unfinished spell caused the room to collapse even more, and the room appeared to be warping. The last thing he saw before he blacked out was the Wizard coming into the room and laughing.

Chapter 2: The PastEdit

Vakider pulled himself up from the grassy floor and shook himself. He paused. Grass? Why was he outside? He spun around, alarmed, looking for his house - but amazingly, the entire city was nowhere to be seen. Where was he? Had he succeded in conducting his spell? He looked up at the sky and amazingly, the entire sky was reddish, even though he could see the sun in the middle of the sky. He smiled. He had read somewhere from one of the Dungeon's books that the sky had once been another colour, even though the Dungeon had not described it in detail. So this is what the past is like, he thought.

He started moving off in one direction, trying to find the corruption when he realised that the tell-tale purplish aura was nowhere to be seen. He frowned. No corruption? That was unheard of! Then something must have caused the corruption to appear, he realised. But without the corruption, he had nowhere to start looking for answers. He knew that this far back in time, there was no known evidence of human activity anywhere. Muttering to himself, he sat back down. Without the tome, he was unable to go back to where he had come from. Muttering, he scanned the horizon- seeing the Dungeon, he started off for it, not knowing anywhere else to go.

As he walked, he contemplated where his master had come from. Then he remembered the wizard laughing as he had been knocked out by his collapsing house. So he didn't care at all, he thought angrily to himself. In frustration and anger, he threw himself to the ground angrily. "I HATE THE WIZARD!" he shouted as loudly as he could. His words echoed around the grassy plains, and he felt spooked as that sentence kept on repeating itself without any sign of stopping. Afraid, he ran towards the dungeon, but not before he tripped on a dark red cube.

He inspected the cube, not realising that the echo had stopped. Turning the cube around in his hands, he wondered if this was part of the puzzle. The cube appeared to be made of glass and there was a fine red mist floating around inside. He tried to prise the cube open, but the cube refused to budge. Muttering, he walked onwards, walking straight into the Dungeon's wall. Startled, he looked up. Had he walked so far already? He wondered. Shaking his head in an attempt to clear his thoughts, he started down the Dungeon's stairs.

Chapter 3: The DungeonEdit

Walking down the dungeon's stairs, he thought back to what the Dungeon was. A building made of strong bricks, the strongest ever known to anybody. People around town used to speculate who built it or what it was actually built for, but nobody actually came to a conclusion. However, the Wizard had found out a piece of information that everyone else didn't know: The dungeon was alive. Yes, it was simply a building, but the books inside were written far before any living creature could have lived. There was only one possible conclusion that could be derived from that: that the Dungeon wrote the books itself.

Vakider shivered and continued down the stairs. Despite the searing heat he felt from the walls surrounding him, he felt a cold sense of dread nagging at him, making him want to turn back. However, he knew that this was the only way he could find out what happened to the corruption.

Walking down even further, he heard a very unnerving noise. It sounded like part-shout and part-moan, but he didn't know where or what it came from. He paused for a few seconds and listened - the wall opposite him seemed to be warping and moving. A faint sound came from behind it and Vakider took a few steps backward. Suddenly, a giant spinning skull exploded out of the wall and nearly slammed into Vakider. Due to numerous training courses he had put himself through, he had greatly increased his reaction time to much more than most people could acheive, allowing him to dodge the skull at the last second with a frantic dive. Face-down on the floor and panting heavily, he looked up to see the skull flying his way again. He jumped to his feet and darted down a flight of stairs, attempting to lose the skull. Unfortunately, a few flights of stairs later he tripped and fell. Fortunately, this act caused the skull to fly right past his head and slam into a wall, shattering into a million pieces. Groaning, Vakider pulled himself up. What the hell was that? he thought. Getting to a standing position, he scanned his surroundings. It was totally pitch-black around here, so he could not see anything.

Slightly scared, he recalled a spell that he had learnt from one of the books. Warily, he focused his energy to one point and pushed. A spark ignited, followed by a couple more of them. Suddenly, a bright flash appeared out of the area where he was focusing and an orb emerged. This orb was yellowish in colour and gave off a faint amount of light. It wasn't much, but it still had to do, he thought. It was then that he noticed what he had tripped over - a book. He flipped open the book, and found pages after pages of writing in a confusing language. Vakider frowned. The Emporer had supposedly taked all of the books from the dungeon and gave it to the Wizard, and the Wizard had entrusted him with it. He had seen it with his own eyes, and had never found such a book in his "library", a small space in the corner where Vakider kept his stacks upon stacks of books. He didn't see the Wizard keeping any of the books for himself, either. Sitting down once again, he attempted to decipher the language that the book was written in agaisnt the light from his orb to no avail. However, he found a section in the middle of the book that was illustrated with a series of complex drawings. Looking from one page to another, he found himself realising that this was actually a spellbook, and that the drawings showed the steps needed to cast it.

He looked at the first picture he could find. It looked like a clenched fist. Closing his fist tightly, he continued reading. He followed step after step, until he came upon a swirly symbol that he could not interpret. Sighing, he closed the book and stared straight ahead, then realised that he had seen his master doing the very same steps before, but he had never seen the results of what happened. After a while of contemplating this, he found himself wondering how his master had gotten to know of the book. Annoyed, he threw the book down and groaned. Why didn't his master ever teach him anything? Why didn't his master actually treat him like an actual apprentice? Why...

By the time he was finished ranting, he walked sulkily back up the flight of stairs. He had a resolution now - to show his Master that he could become just as powerful, if not even more, without him. In a rage, he tore up the book and threw it to the floor in frustration. A large explosion rocked the area where he had thrown the book and he was catapulted out of the dungeon and flung onto the grass outside. Tired and in pain, he tried to roll over to look at what had happened, but exhaustion overcame him and he fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 4: The CorruptionEdit

When Vakider awoke in the middle of the night, he felt something searing his left leg. Yelling, he pulled out the red cube from before and tossed it to the ground before it could scorch his hand too. Upon hitting the ground, the glass cracked and the mist inside started spinning faster than ever. Crouching down, Vakider looked into the glass box, being careful this time not to actually touch it. The mist seemed to be moving away from the hole, instead of seeping out. Thats odd, he thought. It must be some kind of magical vapour. Remembering his Master's words about not intefereing with natrual magic, he took a couple of steps back and then slipped on something.

His back now bruised from the second fall, he got up, muttering. Looking down, he saw that he had slipped on one of the pages of the book. Then he remembered the explosion which had sent him flying and looked around the area. No traces of an explosion could be seen, though the pages were scattered everywhere. Picking up the page which was stuck to his shoe, he scanned the page. Coincidentally, he had slipped over the sheet of paper which had been the last page he read earlier before he tore up the book. Looking over the sheet of paper again, he saw that same spiral symbol which had stumped him earlier. Looking back to the glass cube, he began to realise that the symbol must have been referring to the mist inside the cube.

Racing back toward the cube excitedly, he realised that if he could pull this off, he would be able to learn one of his master's secret spells. Grinning, he reached down to grab the box - and remembering too late that the glass had been broken. The glass easily penetrated his skin and his blood dripped down into the box. Cursing, he whidrew his hand quickly and wrapped it up in his shirt. After tending to his hand, he looked down to the box and noticed that the grass on all sides of the box had turned purple. He gaped, open-mouthed as the glass exploded and the purple-ness started spreading rapidly. Vakider put two and two together and realised that he had just created the corruption.

He looked around at the early stage of the corruption, spreading in all directions. He himself had never been in the corruption, and had only heard of it from his Master and the Emperor, and he had seen it from his window. But never had he set foot in the corruption. And now he was the one who had started it. Realising that he had done something bad, he was going to sit down in defeat when he realised that he himself, with no other help, had created the unstoppable force of the Corruption. He himself had supplied his blood to that mist and now he was the maker, the ruler of the corruption. Smiling to himself, he lifted up his hand - and as just as he had assumed, the corruption obeyed his command and a mountain started forming below him. He thought back to his Emperor and the rest of the inhabitants of his old small village. Then he looked at his new-found power.

He knew that anyone in his old village would have had him killed him if they had known about this, but he didn't care. He was the newly-crowned Dark Overlord and he had no intention of turning back.

Chapter 5: The Night's EdgeEdit

Years passed and the young Vakider grew older. With his new power, he kept himself fed with food fit for a king. He realised that he could create things out of thin-air and kept himself amused by practising his skill and destroying things. The corruption granted him imortality, and thus he witnessed the appearance of Life. He supervised the sealing of the Hallow, backed by his minions from the Corruption. This, however, also sealed some of his powers, and thus almost all of his minions were sealed too.

He was there when the Wall of Flesh arrived and he was there when humans appeared. He was there when the great Terraria Empire formed and didn't interfere much for fear of losing the rest of his power. However, when he heared that the Knights would arrive from the Empire's castle to claim the Corruption, he knew he could stand idle no-longer. Opening a chest in his the top floor of his castle, he removed The Four: The four swords of different elements, obtained and crafted from the different parts of the world. Placing them side-by-side, he closed his eyes and started to mutter an enchantment that he had learnt from the Dungeon.

From the Terrarian Empire, a series dark flashes, something that the Empire had not seen before, exploded out from the corruption. They was like no other explosions they had seen before - Instead of giving off light, these ones seemed to blot out light. The flashes stopped after a few seconds and everyone who had seen them knew something was going on in the Corruption.

Vakider eyed his newly-crafted sword. Never in his life would he have attempted such a dangerous feat, but he knew that he couldn't defeat the Knights without it. He knew the power that the Knights held and he wouldn't be able to win otherwise, as his Corruption-granted power had slowly been ebbling away in the past few years and he knew he wouldn't be able to count on them during the battle. The four swords had now turned into one giant sword. It was a deep purple and seemed to give off the same aura that the Corruption did. Hearing a series of explosions from below, he knew it was time to act.

Swining his sword, he jumped down from the window. Although old, he still possesed the dexterity of himself all those years ago, and managed to roll to avoid getting hurt. Lunging for the Knights, who were placing explosives around the castle, he swung his sword madly. One of them deflected his blow and slashed at him. Parrying the incoming slashes, he marvelled at his opponent's weapon. It was like none that he had seen before; giving off a strange yellow light. However, he could sense the dread in the Corruption and knew that it was built to cleanse it. Grabbing the sword with both hands, he hopped backward to avoid the Knight's sword and used all his strength to slash at him. The knight raised his sheild in time, but the knockback from this powerful blow sent him hurtling backwards into the castle's wall. Panting, Vakider looked around. Several more Knights were coming at him from the castle, but one of them was still attempting to blow the castle up. He knew the castle's sheild would not be able to whistand such punisment and sent for the Eaters.

Fending off the Knights, he grew weary. Although his weapon possesed more power than that of his opponents', the side effect of their weapons caused him to weaken. The weapons were slowly cleansing him from the Corruption, removing his control over it and the power it gave him. Slowly, even his own sword started to reject him as its owner and he found it harder to wield it. He knew this was a losing battle, but he had already killed half of the dozen Knights and he hoped to kill as many as he could before he succumbed to their weapons. However, when only two Knights remained, one of them managed to overpower him and his world faded out into black.

Chapter 6The Terrarian Empire and the WallEdit

Vakider awoke in a small, white cell. There was no light source that he could see whatsoever, but still the room seemed to be glowing. There was a door on the opposite side of the room, made of a material that he couldn't recognise, and it seemed the only way out of the room was through the door. Closing his eyes for a minute, he gathered up his energy into a scythe and hurled it at the door. The scythe shattered into many pieces, much to the magician's suprise. He had never known anything to resist his spell, though the Emperor of the city that he had been part of a few hundred years ago, as he had remembered from his fading memory, had casted it so terribly that it shattered upon impact with anything. Looking down at his hands, he wondered for once if he was growing too old for that.

Still, he fired volley after volley of all the spells he knew at the doors and the walls, but most of them just shattered or exploded upon hitting the walls with no effect. Some of them, though, bounced off the walls and slammed into him, driving him mad. Finally, he slumped to the ground in exhaustion and gave up. Year after year he was confined to that cell, though he no longer kept track of the days. he was fed and given water, but he was never allowed to go outside. He had long since forgotten most of his spells when what felt like the entire castle shook. He heared shouting and explosions outside, and guessed that the Empire was under attack. Suddenly, the door flew open and a guard rushed in.

"The castle is under attack! We need your help! We have never seen such a terrifyi-"

"If I help, am I to be placed back in this...prison when I succeed?"

At this the guard stood silently, but a second explosion shook him back to his senses.

"I'm sure the King will make an exception if you save us, Please! All our guards have perished to this monster."

Vakider had nothing else to lose, and stepped out of his prison cell to the outside world. Looking down from the tower he was kept in, he saw thousands of the inhabitants of the Empire either running away or trying to fend off the monsters with their swords. However, the monster, who was actually a huge wall of living flesh, kept moving foward and destroying everything in it's way. It seemed all hope was lost. Vakider stared wide-eyed at the Wall of Flesh. He had once sealed the hallow behind it, but now... It seemed to be going mad. He peered closer and saw that the hallow was spreading behind it. Angry, he glared at the wall and tried to think of any spell that he could remember. Then he realised something - he was free of his cage. He could now do whatever he wanted to do to stop the monster...

Rushing towards the corruption as fast as his old legs could carry him, he hoped that he had not lost his power over the corruption. He had, luckily, bonded to the corruption by blood, and nothing short of death would pull him away from it. As the corruption lay beyond the Empire, the Wall had crushed it long before it moved to destroy the corruption. Summoning his best spells that he could still remember, he blasted at the wall. It seemed to crumble after awhile, but it still kept going. When all finally seemed lost, he grabbed the spellbook which he had taken from the Dungeon all those years ago. He had managed to fix it, but he still didn't udnerstand the full power of it. Nonetheless, he had no other option, and he had made sense of the symbols years ago. By the time he finished casting the spell, the Wall was almost upon him. A large crack appeared in the ground where he stood, and it rushed up to the Wall. When it did reach the wall, the crack suddenly paused there. Luckily, the Wall had now stopped moving too, but something was wrong. The hallow behind it was receeding, and the Corruption seemed to be flowing into the wall too. He knew he would go mad should the Corruption leave him again, and he leapt into the wall. A bright flash blinded him and he ceased to exist in this realm.


When Vakider awoke, he found himself bound. He twisted and turned but failed to get out of them. Surveying his surroundings, he realised that he was in a cave. A rather big one at that, but he wondered how he had gotten there. Frowning, he tried to remember his past - but realised that he had forgotten everything. Confused, he sat there, thinking. What was his name? He shifted himself into a sitting position and inched towards a small puddle he had seen earlier in front of him. Looking in, he stared at his reflection. His face reminded him of somebody else. Pondering this, he failed to notice the Emporer entering the cavern from the top via a glowing orange-coloured pickaxe.

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