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Waking Up In a New World.Edit

You "lol" at the feeble attempts of your holders at keeping you inside the cage.

But little do they know, they are still in your range.

You suddenly bust out of there, socking them all away.

And once they had enough, you finaly won the day!

But as you started to go home, you realized you couldnt go home.

For you see, you were in a jungle, and the sides were full of drone.

The drones were calm, but you were subtle.

You walked away, in full sway.

But you stepped on a branch, oh what a snatch!

They attacked, but you surpassed.

Heading Home.Edit

Well you had your fun, but nows its a ton.

The stress on your back, it just comes in attacks.

You move in steps, but they hover in nets.

They just cant deal, with you being near.

So you had to finish them off, as it was always enough.

Two swift hits, and they were giste.

So now you head home, as it looked like a dome.

It was fun, for what was done.