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Leo grinned as he heard the sound of the Boomstick firing and the Splat! of the devourer exploding into a million pieces. Holding up his cobalt shield to protect himself from the blast of gore that came from the devourer, he glanced at his friend Sam, who was currently attempting to slice a Eater Of Souls apart with his Blade Of Grass. Leo chuckled. He had always thought that swords, especially the Blade Of Grass were unwieldy and generally to much effort to swing. But, to Leo's surprise, The Eater Of The Worlds reared it's ugly head straight into Sam's sword and cut itself in-half.

Leo was about to congratulate Sam on his luck, but didn't, because he could feel the vibration of the ground below him. He readied his bow and fired. His arrow killed both the Eater Of Worlds and a devourer, causing an explosion of blood and guts, which showered him head to toe.

"Having trouble?" Asked Sam with a smirk.

"Shaddup" Leo replied, and picked up the shadow scales that were lying everywhere. He didn't worry about the disgusting gore covering him fully, because it was already starting to burn off. Molten Armor. Leo thought with a grin. He still couldn't believe his friends had made him a set just for vanity, but they didn't want the hellstone bars, so Leo didn't complain.

"Claymore will be pleased." Leo said, picking up shadow scales. Leo didn't understand why his friend needed so may shadow scales, but he was fine with killing The Eater Of Worlds over and over. It was fun.

Sam looked at him and asked, "Dungeon?"

Leo nodded.

           *  *  *

Leo was very nervous. He and his friends had only opened the dungeon just yesterday, and they only had one gold key, the other had been used to get Leo his cobalt shield. Nevertheless, he unlocked the chest to inspect the contents.

"Worthless, worthless, worthless" he muttered to himself as he inspected the contents of the chest.

He tossed away coins and dynamited when he saw something that caught his attention. A blue sword, that seemed to glow in the darkness of the dungeon. Normally Leo didn't use swords, but this one seemed different.

He picked it up and swung it through the air. It was very fast and took no effort to swing. He turned around to see a skeleton walking towards him. He swiped with the sword a couple of times until the skeleton was just a pile of bones.

"Cool." He said, and slipped the sword into his backpack.

"Come and have a look at this Sam!" He shouted. He heard no answer.

"Sam?" He shouted again, uncertainly.

"SAAM!" He shouted louder, getting annoyed. "Where have you buggered off too?" He turned round a corner to see Sam lying on the ground looking rather dead.


Leo ran over to him and checked for his pulse. He was still breathing and his heart was still beating, so Leo decided to head home.

"I'm hooooome!" Shouted Leo up into the massive house that the three friends had created.

"Oh dear. What this time?" Shouted their Nurse, Kaitlin

"I'm not exactly sure, but it isn't good." Leo shouted back

"Oh great."

Leo walked into the house, gave Sam to Kaitlin and walked upstairs and noticed a disturbing lack of his friend. And, come to think of it, his friend's spellbooks.

"Hi Leo." Said Laney, the Mechanic, "If you're wondering where Claymore went, he said he was going to test in that wacky magic lab of his."

"This spells trouble." Said Leo. Claymore's lab was a dangerous place. Strange creatures came out of there, but Claymore insisted it was fine. Leo doubted that very much.


Leo was about to go when he noticed something strange.

"Laney?" He asked "Have you ever seen this bookcase before?" He pointed at a bookcase in the corner, one he could swear wasn't there when he came in.

"No." Laney said. "In fact, I remember there being nothing there earlier."

"Very strange..." Leo muttered and moved on to the next room. He got some hellstone bars and a hammer out of his back pack and started working at an anvil. He pounded at the hellstone until it formed a crescent shape, and then hammered some more. Slowly he crafted what looked like a bow. He put down his hammer and was greeted by a flash of red light, letting him know he had crafted a hellstone bow.