The Hallowed Hero, as the Dryad had come to call him, had only appeared in Terraria a few months ago and yet his list of achievments were great. He mutilated the Eye of Cthulu without assistance, destroyed the Eater of Worlds without even using the Excalibur and, best of all, slew Skeletron. During this time he gathered many weary travellers from villages that had been destroyed by Corruption. He built them houses, fed them, and in return demanded only their loyalty. He really was the best thing that had happened to Terraria in years.

Then, on that fateful night he did something that he perhaps he shouldn't had. He killed the Wall of Flesh.

The ancient spirits of light, night, might, fright, sight and flight were released onto the world, as was the Dryad and the Corrupted One. The Corrupted One was once a hero of the Hallow and a friend of the Dryad, but among his many experiments were meddlings within the Corrupt side of nature. He fell in love with the Dryad during their time together, but she did not return his feelings and he was unable to cope with rejection. He trapped her and himself, along with the life force of many inhabitants of world within a Wall of Flesh, deep beneath the world and guarded by demons. 

Now that he was free, he got to work immediatly. The Hallow had a new hero, one that could claim the heart of what was rightfully his! He set up a base in the darkest parts of Skeletron's dungeon, and got to work. He resurrected the legendary Wyvern in an attempt to crush this hero, but it failed. He gave more power to the Corruption, allowing it to spread faster, and caused the docile Hallowed creatures to become bloodthirsty, but still the hero resisted. He created stronger versions of the Eye of Cthulu, but it fell in seconds to the hero's weaponry. He enhanced the Eater of Worlds but it still wasn't enough. He combined magic with science, and spoke to the dark gods to create Skeletron Prime, but still it wasn't enough. The Corrupted One grew frustrated. He had spent so much time trapping the essence of basically everything and it was all in vain.

There was one final thing that he could do. 

A direct assault on the hero's village, with several Destroyers, Twins, Primes... and everything else his twisted mind could fathom. It was going to be resource heavy, and it would take a lot of time, but it could be done...

And now here they stand.

The Hallowed Hero of Terraria clad in a full set of Hallowed armour and armed with a Hallowed Repeater and the fabled Excalibur, with the Minishark-wielding Travis and the bomb-throwing Gimli behind him. The Wizard, Cyrus, was floating overhead on a block of ice, ready to blast Corruption with lightning, fire and frost. Even the Dryad took up arms, riding a Unicorn with Pixies behind her. Her Dirt Rod didn't seem like much, but when she wields it, it becomes as mighty as the Excalibur.

In front of them was a horrific landscape of dead trees and purple grass, made more grim with dozens of Destroyers, Twins and Primes... not to mention the Eaters above and the legion of mechanical soldiers ready to kill anything they are told to. All paled in comparison to the deathly Corrupted One, in his black robes and fiery... things.

The Corrupted side made the first move, charging forward recklessly. The Hero took to the skies and quickly took down all the Eaters in the sky, while Gimli's first set of traps destroyed two Destroyers. Cyrus blasted an incoming Skeletron Prime, making it blow up in mid air, with its remains crushing several of the automatons below. Travis opened fire on said automatons, quickly taking them down with his crystal bullets. The Corrupted One's forces were diminishing quickly, but he was prepared. Another wave of Destroyers and Robots was summoned, and following suit, they all charged. The Hero finished his slaughter of the airbourne Corrupted creatures and began to duel a pair of Primes. But they were no match for him, and they fell quickly.

But the Corrupted One was unrelenting, and summoned worryingly large amounts of his machinations. Then the Earth shook, as a new impressive piece of machinery rose from beneath the village. It looked like a gigantic version of the Hallowed Hero, but his blade was lined in chainsaws and his entire left arm was covered in tendrils with cannons and laser guns. His wings had been replaced with hover-jets and he was being piloted by the madly-in-love Brooke and Xojjn. Its chest plate had text upon it, reading:


The impressive abomination jumped into combat, destroying several Twins and Primes with a single slash of its massive sword, and barraged the inferior robots with explosive man-sized bullets and golden lasers. The Corrupted One grew worried at how quickly his most powerful inventions were being destroyed by such a small amount of people, and decided to join the combat himself. He created a corrupted mirror image of Hero Alpha, bearing the text:


The creature joined its original version in the clouds and slew a massive amount of Pixies before engaging in a battle with Hero Alpha. It was an exact clone, but with Corrupted twist, and so it had a slight advantage over it. 

Hero Alpha fell with Brooke and Xojjn still inside, destroying the remnants of the village. While Xojjn had survived the wreck, Brooke did not. She was rushed off to Nurse and her death was confirmed. The Goblin was devastated, but knew that it wasn't time to mourn just yet. He jumped into a small battle suit and charged back into battle, attacking the smallest robots. 

Hero Prime was slaughtering the Dryad's followers, so the Hero co-ordinated his allies onto the massive mechanism. Travis and Gimli destroyed the thing's legs with synchronised fire whilst Cyrus and Xojjn rendered its sword arm useless. Hero Prime still had its gun arm, however, and fired everything it had left towards Cyrus. The Wizard repelled as much as he could with a warding spell, but it fell quickly, and his body was torn to shreds with a flood of purple lasers. The Hero went in for an attack at that point. 

He slashed through its body before he got to the evil genius who was controlling the thing. The Hero propelled his sword towards the Corrupted One, making him lose focus. Hero Prime fell and the masters of both sides were locked in mortal combat.

During this time, the Hero's allies had gotten surrounded, so they had to fix that. Hundreds of Chaos Elementals began teleporting around, confusing the Primes and Twins to the point of a shutdown. A few Unicorns swarmed in and skewered the weaker robots and Travis opened fire on a nearby Destroyer. Gimli set off his second set of traps and helped Travis to exterminate the Destroyer, as well as some others. One Destroyer was missed, however, and it flew up into the air before crashing down onto Travis. The weapons dealer was never seen again after that.

The Hero charged towards the Corrupted One with blinding speed, only to be knocked back by a shadowy orb.

"Enough with your damn tricks, you sadistic maniac!" yelled the Hero as he opened fire with a hurricane of flaming arrows from his holy repeater. The Corrupted One managed to incinerate most of the arrows, but one hit him in the knee and forced him to the ground. The Hero took this oppurtunity as soon as it presented itself, and with stab to the chest, the dark mastermind was slain. But his slaves were still roaming and so he began to kill them off.

Xojjn was now focused on a particular Skeletron Prime, knowing that he was outgunned. But his cockiness got the better of him. He charged forward only to be picked up by the Prime, who then sliced him into ribbons with its chainsaw. Gimli saw the whole thing happen, but he was unable to help, as his limbs were missing. Indeed, the Twins he had engaged got the better of him and now that they had destroyed his arms and legs, they moved onto him. One stream of cursed flames was all it took to end his pain.

Hours later, the final machines were nothing but scrap metal. The Dryad and the Hero were finished and as they looked back, their emotions were a mixture of joy and depression. All of their friends were dead, the non-combatants having been killed during the clean-up, their village was in ruin. But then they look forward. The Corruption was gone from the world, and they still had eachother. As the Sun set, the two warriors began the arbitrary task of rebuilding, finding survivors of the onslaught, and overall just repairing the broken landscape of modern Terraria. Despite the heavy losses they had endured, they shared, among other things, a certainty that life would be immeasurably better with the Corruption gone.