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Upon killing the Inventor in his Fyrefront robot, the Portal will spawn somewhere in the Mecha. It will spawn 10 blocks above the highest point in the Mecha.

Entering the Portal will transport you to the Other Realm, following a loading screen as though as creating a new world.

Terrain DescriptionEdit

The Other Realm is a barren wasteland, with little trees. It is home to the half-scorpion, half-spider creatures known as Parachnids. 90% of the Surface is made out of Cursed Rock, which can only be mined with a Mythril Drill or higher. It does not allow trees to be grown on it. Grass will not form on dirt brought into the Other Realm, even by using the Staff of Regrowth. Grass seeds will not work. The background is pure black, with occasional aesthetic explosions that do not affect gameplay in any way. The Hallow and Corruption can be brought into the Other Realm, and will behave normally, spreading across dirt, stone and sand but not Cursed Rock. There is no day/night cycle present. This is also the only place where Ceranium Ore can be naturally found. It is generated in the normal Stone Layer.

Note: If the Corrupted or Hallowed areas are cleansed or tainted by Purification/Vile powder respectively, the Corrupted/Hallowed Grass will simply revert back to dirt.

Corrupted MobsEdit

Corrupted Mobs are known for their immense damage but low health.

  1. Vampiric Eater: 71dmg, 200hp. Is repelled by light. All damage dealt is converted to double health for the Eater. Eg: Does 60dmg, regains 120hp.
  2. Cursed Parachnid: 79dmg, 160hp. Can climb blocks. Drops Parachnid Silk(55%)
  3. Malfunctioned Robot: Once a powerful Mecha Heavy, the Corruption has not been kind to its systems. 80dmg(ranged), 70dmg(melee), 270hp. Shoots out purple lasers that can inflict Mind-Control(10%). Mind Control is when your character starts doing random actions, like jumping up and down or shooting at nothing. It lasts for 5 seconds. Drops Corrupted Ceranium(60%)
  4. Blighted Rifle: A corrupted rifle taken from the hands of a dead Mecha Soldier. Doesn't spawn often, but when it does it spawns in packs of 4-7. Floats around shooting players. 70dmg(melee), 83dmg(ranged), 190hp. Ranged attack can inflict Mind Control(40%).
  5. Alloy Tunneler: A smaller version of The Destroyer. 86dmg, 300hp. Drops Soul of Spirite(30%)

Normal MobsEdit

Normal Mobs have a good balance of health and damage.

  1. Parachnid: A combination between a scorpion and a spider. 68dmg, 250hp. Blinds players with their Venom. Blindness is when your screen turns foggy, you have decreased light vision and your controls are reversed. Basically Darkness+Confused+slightly broken screen. Drops Parachnid Fang(55%) High spawn rate.
  2. Mecha Soldier: Mecha Biome High spawn rate
  3. Mecha Heavy: Mecha Biome Medium spawn rate
  4. Clockwork Robot: Mecha Biome Has a 40% chance to drop 1 Ceranium Bar in the Other Realm. Medium spawn rate
  5. Metal Demon: A part of Skeletron Prime. Sprite similar to Skeletron's Head, but smaller. 75dmg, 300hp. Drops Soul of Sprite(30%)
  6. Transparent Slime: Bred by the Inventor using strange chemicals. Is invisible with a faint outline. Size is the same as a Corrupt Slime. 68dmg, 275hp. Inflicts Radioactive. Drops Gel.

Hallow MobsEdit

Hallow Mobs have lousy damage but an irritatingly high health rating.

  1. Spiritual Parachnid: Transluscent Parachnid that can go through blocks. Cannot phase through Dungeon Bricks. 59dmg, 500hp. Drops Parachnid Stinger(55%)
  2. Unicorn Rider: A Mecha Soldier perched atop a Unicorn. Charges at players with Unicorn AI while shooting at the player. 51dmg(melee), 61dmg(ranged), 700hp. Drops Unicorn Horn(80%), Laser Rifle(1%).
  3. Cleansed Robot: A Mecha Heavy that has been "absolved". Does not use ranged attacks anymore and is completely unaffected by knockback. 55dmg, 800hp. Drops Holy Ceranium(60%)
  4. Possessed Chainblade: A Chainblade taken from a Mecha Slayer's dead body. Spawns in groups of 2-5. Enchanted Sword AI. 61dmg, 700hp. Inflicts Cursed.
  5. Gaze of Steel: Small metal eyeballs that are prototypes of the Twins. Spawns in groups of 2. Rushes at players like Wandering Eyes and move very quickly. 59dmg, 800hp. Drops Soul of Sprite(30%)

New Armor----Pixelator ArmorEdit

The Pixelator Armor is made out of Soul of Sprite, hence the name.

Pixelator VisorEdit

15 Soul of Sprite, 18 Ceranium Bars, 30 Soul of Innovation and 1 Demonite Bar at a Demon Altar

Offers 10 defense, -5% damage from ranged sources and negation of Blinded debuff

Pixelator CapEdit

15 Soul of Sprite, 18 Ceranium Bars, 30 Soul of Innovation and 1 Cobalt Bar at a Mythril Anvil

Offers 16 defense, -5% damage from flying enemies and negation of Mind Control

Pixelator BeretEdit

15 Soul of Sprite, 18 Ceranium Bars, 30 Soul of Innovation and 1 Mythril Bar at a Mythril Anvil

Offers 20 defense and the "Honor" buff to all nearby players that are on your party.

Pixelator SuitEdit

40 Soul of Sprite, 25 Ceranium Bars, 45 Soul of Innovation and 15 Holy Ceranium Bars at a Mythril Anvil

Offers 36 defense, -10% damage from ranged sources and immunity to the Radiation debuff

Pixelator TrousersEdit

30 Soul of Sprite, 23 Ceranium Bars, 40 Soul of Innovation and 12 Corrupted Ceranium Bars at a Mythril Anvil

Offers 30 defense, +15% movement speed and immunity to knockback (Makes Cobalt shield obsolete)

Escaping the Other RealmEdit

In order to escape the Other Realm, players have to reenter the Portal that brought them into it in the first place. The Portal implodes itself upon the player entering the Other Realm, and the only other way to recreate it again is by using a Nova Virus as a Catalyst. Or you could just die, causing you to respawn in the Overworld.

Quantum BombsEdit

A Quantum Bomb is created via 40 Demonite Bars, 30 Ceranium Bars, 10 Corrupted and 10 Holy Ceranium Bars at a Mythril Anvil. Quantum Bombs, when detonated, have a 50-50 chance of either creating a Nova Virus or a Command Overflow.

Command OverflowEdit

A Command Overflow causes all mobs involving Robots to have doubled spawn rate, while other mobs have a halved spawn rate. It lasts the equivalent of a full Overworld day-night cycle.It is only during this time that the Ceranium Mechanic boss spawns.

Ceranium MechanicEdit

The boss spawns anytime during a Command Overflow with the message "Embrace Immortality in Industrialisation. The Ceranium beckons." He will drop out of the sky at the very center of the map with a massive explosion that kills everything in its AoE and make his way towards you.

He is roughly 20 blocks high and 5 blocks wide, rolling on one wheel. The wheel will be destroyed by depleting half of his 40000hp. He can jump up to ledges up to 6 blocks high. Any ledges higher than 6 blocks that he can't jump up to and is between you and him, he will destroy.

While he is alive, any Robots killed will leave behind a "corpse". When the CM passes over the "corpse", he will revive it, bringing the robot back to half health and fighting condition.

He attacks by opening fire with his arm cannon, which spews out bombs that are similar to Skeletron Prime's Prime Cannon. This Arm Cannon can be destroyed by depleting all of its 7000hp while it is extended.

He will also occasionally deploy a Ceranium Sniper Rifle and fire a shot with pinpoint accuracy, always hitting the player for 100dmg regardless of armor unless the player is behind cover, where it will lose 2 damage dealt for every block it travels through. It cannot be destroyed.

Upon contact, he deals 90dmg (without armor), will release an Alloy Tunneler from his chest, and inflict the Cyborg Debuff.

Ceranium Mechanic - WheelessEdit

After getting the boss down to 20000hp, his wheel will snap off and explode, causing a large explosion that leaves a crater. He will then engage jet thrusters, doubling his speed. In this mode, he will be able to fly to catch up with the player if he is airborne.

He also gains a flamethrower attack which he spews fire similar to a Flamethrower at the player if they get too close, dealing 40dmg and setting the player on fire 100% of the time.

He will now also gain the ability to "shoot" out Mecha Heavies at you, dealing 91dmg if it hits and causing the Mecha Heavy to spawn wherever it landed.

All of his previous attacks remain unless they have already been destroyed by the player.


On death, he explodes violently, leaving a huge crater.

He drops 80 Ceranium Bars, either a Cursed Eye(33%), a Blighted Worm(33%) or a Scorched Skull, 30 Greater Healing Potions, 20 Greater Mana Potions and 10 Transformer Potions.

After Command OverflowEdit

After the Command Overflow is over, the CM does not flee, but gains a devastating new attack. He deploys a machine gun and opens fire, dealing 50dmg with each bullet. The gun cannot be destroyed.

Nova VirusEdit

A Nova Virus unleashes a deadly virus in the air. The air around the detonated area will have a red pigment which will slowly spread through the air but not blocks. Any water or lava touched by the virus will turn into Acid, damaging the player for 100dmg if touched and eating through wood-based blocks. Normal mobs will not spawn during the Nova Virus.


  1. Mecha Reapers: Flying hawk-like robots that have scythes for feet instead of talons. On contact, they do 80dmg and can inflict the Cyborg debuff(40%). They are immune to knockback, can go through blocks and have 400hp. They drop 0-1 Soul of Sprite on death and 0-3 Demonite Ore.
  2. Mecha Parachnid. A Parachnid transformed by the virus. They have grown a rifle on their tail and have learned to use it to great effect towards players. On contact they do 60dmg and the bullets fired from the rifle 70dmg. They have 600hp and drop 0-2 Souls of Sprite on death. Can climb blocks and Blind players. Spawns the most out of the 3 mobs
  3. Quantum Amoeba: A beast that was kept in the Quantum Bomb. It spawns with 500hp but any projectiles that hit it will be absorbed by it, giving it 100 max HP up to a max of 4000hp. After it exceeds 4000hp, it will simply deflect the projectile back at the player, doing half the damage intended to be done. Immune to knockback and has 1% chance of dropping a Quantum Bomb on death. Spawns the least out of the 3 mobs. Does 70dmg if health is below 2000 and 85dmg if health is over 2000.

Using the Nova VirusEdit

To use the Virus as a catalyst for reopening the Portal, the player must craft a Supernova Imploder using 40 Souls of Sprite, 20 Demonite Bars, 4 Gold Bars and a Quantum Bomb. Detonating the Supernova Imploder will cause the player to take 100dmg regardless of armor and spawn the Portal somewhere up to 175 blocks below the player. During this time, all Nova Virus mobs' spawn rates are TRIPLED and Transparent Slimes can spawn regardless of biome with spawn rates doubled. All Mechanical Mobs, including Unicorn Riders, gain +150hp, +20% move speed and +20 damage with doubled spawn rates and ability to spawn in all biomes. The player needs to only enter the Portal to regain passage back to the Overworld, causing it to drop them off at the highest place in the Mecha.

Note: As long as there is at least 1 player in the Other Realm, the Portal will not close and Post-Catalyst mode will remain activated. Otherwise, when the player(s) return to the Other Realm, the Portal will have closed and normal gameplay will resume.

New itemsEdit

Cursed Eye: Prototype of Spazmatism that somehow short-circuited and causing it to be thrown away. Equip in Accessories slot to give yourself full night-vision.

Scorched Skull: Mutated Skeletron Prime prototype after a devastating lab explosion. Use it to grant yourself the Fire Elemental buff.

Blighted Worm: The prince of a Corrupt Digger hive. Uses 40 mana to spawn a Corrupt Digger on the screen which does no damage to you but will instead seek out hostile mobs. Has 300hp, Head has 15def and does 60dmg, Body has 20def and does 30dmg, Tail has 40def and does 20dmg. Lasts for 30 seconds before it runs off screen or until it dies.

Transformer Potions: Applies the Cyborg buff for 4 minutes.

New Armor ---- ParachnidEdit

Parachnid HoodEdit

Crafted with 30 Parachnid Silk, 1 Parachnid Stinger and 1 Parachnid Fang at a Loom

15 defense

All Parachnids are neutral towards you

Parachnid GogglesEdit

Crafted with 5 Parachnid Silk, 6 Lenses, a pair of Goggles and 4 Parachnid Fangs at an Anvil

8 defense

Applies a Hunter Potion-like effect on all Parachnid-based mobs

Parachnid NecklaceEdit

Crafted with 20 Parachnid Fangs, 5 Parachnid Stingers, 4 Parachnid Silk and 1 Gold Bar at a Workbench

10 defense

1.2x damage done towards Parachnid-based mobs

Parachnid CarapaceEdit

Crafted with 20 Parachnid Fangs, 2 Parachnid Stingers, 10 Parachnid Silk and 20 Ceranium Bars at a Mythril Anvil

19 defense

Immune to Poisoned debuff

Parachnid BootsEdit

Crafted with 16 Parachnid Fangs, 10 Parachnid Stingers, 4 Parachnid Silk and 18 Ceranium Bars at a Mythril Anvil

17 defense

Jump Height increased by 4 blocks

Set Bonus(all 3 helms): Movement speed +20%. Also, all grappling hook variants now have their "chains" replaced with silk.

New weaponsEdit

Scorpion Sting (Flail)Edit

Crafted from a Sunfury, a Harpoon, 8 Parachnid Stingers, 5 Ceranium Bars and 20 Holy Ceranium and one Soul of Might. 50% chance of poisoning enemy for 8 seconds on hit. Does 53 dmg

Spider Bite (Broadsword)Edit

Crafted from a Breaker Blade, a Blade of Grass, 20 Parachnid Fangs, 5 Parachnid Silk, 3 Ceranium Bars and 1 Soul of Might. 50% chance of poisoning enemy for 8 seconds on hit. Does 64 dmg. Average Speed. Biggest blade in Terraria.

Blade of Banishment (Broadsword)Edit

Crafted from 250 Cursed Rock, a Mythril Sword, a Magic Mirror, 12 Ceranium Bars, 10 Corrupted Ceranium and 10 Holy Ceranium. On hit, has 20% chance of trapping the injured player/mob in a vortex where it is invulnerable and cannot be damaged or interacted with. The trapped player takes 5 damage/second for 5 seconds and is then released. 40dmg at a slow speed.

Mech Impaler (Spear)Edit

Crafted from a Gungnir, a Cobalt Naginata, Mythril Halberd and an Adamantite Glaive and 20 Ceranium Bars. 56 dmg. Deals 2x damage against Robot-based mobs/bosses (includes Unicorn Riders)

Mecha CannonEdit

Crafted from