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A long long time ago, back when the world was first formed, the Terrarian Empire was formed. The great bustling kingdom rose from the sands of the desert. The KoT, Knights of Terraria were formed by Elroth Grey, a courageous group within the Empire sworn to defend the Land from all evil. They were called upon when the Evil forces of Corruption arrived in the World.

Chapter 1: The InventorEdit

Among the Terrarian Empire, there was an exceptionally smart man. He was known only as The Inventor. A loner in nature, he spent all his time in his workshop. He saw the way things were going slowly in the Empire. He began searching for ways to make his back breaking life in the fields easier. He began to dwelve into the realm of Mechanics. However, being a poor man, he had no funds to continue his experiments. The King was unimpressed by his inventions, and refused to grant him gold to construct machines. The Inventor decided to show him by vanquishing the Corruption.

Chapter 2: The Inventor's banishment and the Purifying BattleEdit

The Knights of Terraria had fought valiantly against the Corruption, sprinkling Purification Powder over the Corruption and cutting Eaters up with their Gold Swords. The Corruption had been pushed back foot by foot, and soon, there was only a tiny amount of Corruption left. But with this final, purifying battle, the Eater of Worlds awoke. The gigantic putrid worm tunneled through the ground, sending Knights flying everywhere. But the Knights fought bravely, and section by section, the worm grew smaller and smaller. When Elroth was about to sever the final body of the Eater in half, a piece of Dynamite suddenly hit him in the back and exploded.

Elroth was blown to kingdom come, and the Eater escaped with a sliver of health. Without their leader to rally them, the Knights lost formation and were easily cut down by the continued onslaught of Eaters and Devourers. A few escaped and saw that The Inventor had been the one who had shot the Dynamite with one of his crack-pot contraptions. They were enraged, and when news of this defeat reached the Empire's and King's ears, there was an uproar in the palace, demanding the King to kick the Inventor out. He complied, and the Inventor was banished from the Terraria Empire for ever.

Chapter 3: OutcastEdit

Following his banishment, the Inventor grew resentful. He moved into the Underworld. The Wall of Flesh accepted his new guest without much complaints. The Inventor started to use all his brainpower, and his inventions began to grow more and more deadly. Experimenting with grenades, gunpowder and steam, he started to invent objects that were... near... sentient. Terraria saw the first Clockwork Robot within a month of his banishment. He began to use his little creations to steal parts from peasants of the Empire. Eventually, he was found out and the People complained to the King. The King declared war on the Inventor, sending Knights to destroy his house in the bowels of the Earth.

Chapter 4: Human VS RobotEdit

The first Knight raiding party on the Inventor's house received a nasty surprise. With a thunderous crash, the roof of his house exploded into splinters. A great robotic head rose from the dust and 2 hands were raised up into the air. The stunned Knights gaped for a second too long, for from the hands Cursed Bullets flew out from the Megasharks attached to them. The Knights exploded in showers of blood as the bullets tore through their armor easily. This huge robot, then known as the Eradicator, then set off towards the unwary Empire, followed by 4 more Metal beasts: Skeletron Prime, Retinazer, Spazmatism and the Destroyer.

Chapter 5: DestructionEdit

Lasers streaked across the sky. Green flames lit up the Empire's walls. Earthquakes erupted as the Destroyer rumbled in and out of the ground. Skeletron Prime roared across the land, swinging his arms everywhere. The Terrarian Empire fell under the wrath of the 5 machines. The Inventor returned to the Underworld, truimphant. The Wall of Flesh however, was not pleased to see this. He figured it was only a matter of time before the Inventor turned on his host. He waited til night when the Inventor was asleep, and he struck. He rolled into the Inventor's house and flattened it. He used his power to summon a Portal to the Other Realm, a barren wasteland. He sent the Inventor and the Eradicator into the Portal, where they would live forever in the Other Realm. He encased the key to the Portal inside one of the Metal Beasts: Skeletron Prime.

Chapter 6: FreedomEdit

5 years later, Skeletron Prime was adruptly destroyed by a single Knight of Terraria. Using weapons crafted from the powers of The Destroyer, Retinazer and Spazmatism, he blew up the evil steel skull. But as he had not known that the Portal was linked to Prime's destruction, he had unknowingly released the Inventor from his prison. The Portal opened up where the Inventor was drawn to the most: The Corruption.

Chapter 7: The MechaEdit

During his time of banishment, the Inventor had constructed an Army of robots. His army, led by the Command Unit(Eradicator), spilled over the Corruption, destroying it and replacing it with the Mecha. The Mecha expanded over the Corruption, with Mecha Soldiers and Heavies keeping watch over Clockwork Robots while they erected Mecha Structures over the landscape. Any creature not made of steel was blasted to dust. But as Good will always counter Evil, The Mecha could not spread into the Hallow. The Inventor himself did not step out onto his new Kingdom. He bided his time until a volatile Plasma Cube was activated, and he launched himself out of the Portal in his brandnew Fyrefront robot, heading out to crush the Knight...

How will this end? Only you can tell the ending, provided a modder makes this real...