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the storyEdit


i was in a high-tech facillity testing a portal while a person nearby was testing a transform liquid that was supposed to turn pepole into bunnies. he accandentaly spilled some on me just as i was about to stick my head into the portal. i felt a little sick and the collapsed into the portal.

chapter 1Edit

5 hours later...

i woke up. seeing i wasnt in the lab i emidiatley remembered 5 hours ago. i didint have arms anymore and i decided to walk around looking for clues. i didint move. not an inch. i tried harder. it didint work. i jumped. it worked. i decided to jump around for a place to rest and spend the night. i didint go far when i saw a water puddle. i jumped into it accadentaly and saw i was more bouyant than usual. i saw my reflection in the water. i was simply a blob. no organs no eyes....something was wrong here. i imidiatly remembered being hit by a transform potion and remembering that i moand sound like ,bluuuuurrrbbbb, i was annoyed and i cried for help supriseing myself whin i said ,BLUUUUUURRRRBBBB!!!, i was surpised but i saw a few blobs swimming twards me.....

chapter 2Edit