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This is about Wood in the fanon game: Terrarian Evils. For the way wood is used in the origional terraria, click this link: Click Here!

Wood is a very basic item in Terrarian Evils, the player can collect wood when He/She Chops down a Tree . As it can be collected early on in Terrarian Evils it has a lot of crafting recipies. Wood is vulnerable to Fire  and this can be said to be a very fast way to get rid of wood early on. As of this it is not reccomended to make your base house out of wood on a multiplayer server.

Wood Armor and Weapons Edit

The Wooden Armor set will each give you 1 defence, although Shadewood (from corruption trees) will give you 2 for the chestplate and Hallowood (from Hallowed trees) will give you 2 defence for everything, these armors are one of the only types of armor that do not have a set bonus. The wooden sword will do 6 damage, Shadewood doing 7 and Hallowood doing 8.

Crafting Edit

Wood can be crafted into...

  •  Loom: You can craft this with 10 wood, and 3 chains.

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